Are you ready for a fun filled Christmas QUIZ session with ProImprint Team?

Christmas is not all about cookies, carols, gifts and cakes but is a great time for families and friends to come together for a Christmas feasts and to have some jolly good time. From white elephant gift exchange to games and fun quizzes you can think about countless ways to spice up the mood. We at ProImprint join you in the festive fun with some brain teasers that you can consider. Nothing serious; just laughter and giggles and there can be gifts for the winners.



How many points does a snowflake have?

The color of the berries of the mistletoe plant

Which American-born English poet, wrote the poem The Cultivation Of Christmas Trees?

Which US state was the last to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

Which US state was the first state to recognize Christmas as a legal holiday?

What drink goes into making a 'snowball' cocktail?

The USA's official National Christmas Tree is in which National Park?

How many answers have you got right? If you have scored above 4 , you are a true Christmas fan! Scored less? You have just enough time to catch up before Christmas. Get going .Best wishes

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