A Party Guide to Host a Perfect Christmas Fundraiser Event

A Christmas party need not always be about the glittering red, green and silver ornaments, Christmas gifts, sumptuous feasts and Santa themed games and costumes. It makes a great time to give something back to your community in the form of a fundraiser or a charity event. It is a thoughtful way to spread the cheer and celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season with the community. You can turn any fundraising event to a party with a purpose by joining in a social cause.


First things first- choose a Xmas fundraiser invitation

Send an invitation that will readily grab the attention of everyone. You can choose any Christmas themed invite that can be enclosed in a cute gift box. Unique invitations will get the most response too.

Once you decide on the organization you want to support, you have to think how you wish to support it. Be it as cash donations, food gifts or charity sales, you can think of unique ideas to build up a buzz. Make sure to display the tax deduction advantage and the details of the sponsors and the donors.

Decorations and party supplies

Fund raising events should be simple yet elegant. So, make sure not to spend a fortune on the decorations. Choose cost effective decorative items like balloons, which are colorful and nicely fill up spaces. The big plus, custom balloons can be used for decorating tables, buffets and the dance floors; these can also be tied to the chairs or used to decorate archway or Christmas tree- No matter how you wish to go about it, these printed balloons will ensure high visibility for your brand.

Christmas tree whirls are easy on your wallet and simple to put up. Add specks of color and vibrancy to the dance floor and hallway with these decorative items and see how these will please the crowd and drive up the party fun. Christmas confetti and danglers are also cost effective party decorations that will alive the party theme.

Pile up the neatly wrapped gift boxes under the Christmas tree or on the corner table. You can even set up an old fashioned fireplace near the tree to give that oomph factor to your party theme. If you have a stage, then make sure to create a backdrop with Christmas scene setters. These will look great at any spaces where a bit of dressing up is needed. A thank you banner and an inspirational message will neatly round off the ho- ho fundraiser party theme. Put up a cute table tent to let your guests know that the toys can be donated.

Christmas Tree Scene Setter Room Rolls

Fundraising activities

Raising money is not just about asking for donations. There are several fun filled activities to drive funds.

  • Sell ads: Sell advertisements to local merchants. It is a win –win situation as they get good visibility and goodwill in the community while you get the support for your event.
  • Photo Op: Set up a Christmas photo booth and ask for a small donation for an instant photo.
  • Raffle: Sell raffle tickets on tables or during cocktail party and do a 50/50 raffle.

Party favors

Thank your guests and donors for the support by handing out custom gifts like chocolates, candies or Christmas goodies bags. These can all be imprinted with your fund raising event message. Every time your recipients see these logo items, they will be reminded of your brand and message.

Fund raising need not be lackluster and bland events. Make it fun with these tips. Your guests will truly love the party feel of this event. Hurray!

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