4 Fabulous Fundraising Tips That Will Never Fail To Impress The Donors

Nonprofits depend on donations and fund raising events to fund their activities and causes. To make sure that the fund raising event turns out to be a huge success, we have these four fabulous tips for you. The holiday season makes one of the most productive times for the annual appeal for nonprofits. Surveys show that one third of annual donations happen in December and the last 3 days of the month account for 12% of donations!


Make it unique: Personalized emails will have 14% more chances to get read and 10% more conversion scope compared to generic mails. Make sure to add a personalized message to your snail mail to drive up the average response rate from 2% to 6%. Personalize the email subject lines and greetings with a hand written note or a memo board sticker to accompany your fund raising appeal to the donors. Personalized mails stand out from the countless donation appeals that the donors get every day. By crafting an attractive mail or a personalized greeting, your organization will grab the attention of the donors and may even become their favorite in the days ahead.3.5x4.25 Customized Note Pads

Be regular: Most nonprofit organizations falter and slow down their pace of communication after the annual appeals. However, communication with donors should be an ongoing commitment. Keep the communication channels open all round the year and keep the donors and supporters updated with your activities and events regularly and not just during annual appeal. Sending regular newsletters, invitations to special events, thank you letters for the past support will all make delightful ways to keep the conversation going. You can also include logo imprinted promotional items like pens or notepads to complement the invites.

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Some other gift ideas : Stylus pens, powerbanks, flashdrives, earbuds and speakers among others.

Communication options: Direct mail continues to be the most popular format for annual appeals. However, you can also explore other correspondence options like email, in-person requests and online requests. Most nonprofits approach donors on an average of 1-3 times. While personalizing the appeal letter, you can include small promotional gifts like smartphone wallet or planners that are imprinted with your name and website URL to guide the donors to your website. A follow up email or a phone call from you will keep the mater fresh in the minds of your donors.

Some other gift ideas: Pen holders, desk calendars, pen and pencil sets, mobile stands and headphones among others.

Time factor: The message of your appeal letter should convey a sense of urgency and should prompt the donors to make the donations immediately rather than put it off. You can even send thank you gifts to donors who make prompt payments. Small token gifts like chocolates or travel tumblers will all make nice appreciation gifts.

Some other gift ideas: T shirts, bandannas, tote bags, wallets, nuts, custom coffee – to list a few

Now that you have some useful fundraising tips in hand, you can make a much more focused effort to make your annual appeal more fruitful than ever before. Think unique, be liberal with promotional gifts and make your brand and cause stick longer in the minds of your donors! Browse our site for the best and trending promotional gifts and ideas that will make your fund raising campaign easy. Best of luck.

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