A complete Guide on Branded Water Bottles

 Custom water bottles are one of the most popular promotional products among marketers to increase brand exposure. Water bottles are something everyone needs wherever they go . Thus your logo and message will be seen by a wider audience across multiple locations.

Practical and handy, water bottles are highly appreciated giveaways that will help marketers to reinforce their relationship with the prospects.

Here is a complete guide that includes everything you need to know while buying branded water bottles.

Why Use Branded Water Bottles?

Promotional products like water bottles will  effectively promote your brand as it exposes new people to your name and logo.  These everyday items will also ensure that your clients will use them for a long time. Reports show that 3 out of 4 people will keep using promotional products that they find useful. So, it is important for marketers to invest in  practical giveaways like custom water bottles. Besides, it has an impressive shelf life, during which  hundreds of different people will see these logo items and your brand on it. In addition, water bottles have a low cost per impression, which makes it ideal for mass events and promotions.

High brand exposure

Further, custom water bottles ensure a high brand exposure thanks to its high practical value across every genre of audience. Your brand on these drinkware items will become part of  their everyday life style as they carry these trendy water bottles to work, while working out or during road trips.

In today’s world, fitness has indeed become part of the life style. So, models like sports water bottles  or vacuum insulated bottles will make  great options to consider.


Water bottles will go a long way in promoting your eco-friendly brand image since they are reusable and won’t end up in land fills quickly. There are also bottles  made from sustainable and recyclable materials that will help to reduce waste further.

Factors to consider


Water bottles are available in various material choices including metal, BPA free plastic and glass bottles.

Stainless steel

 Insulated  stainless steel bottles are great options for outdoor activities like camping or hiking as it will keep the beverages  hot or cold as desired for a long time.  This recyclable bottle doesn’t stain, and flavors won’t leech into the bottle and are mold resistant and easy to clean. These bottles have a high quality finish that will leave your recipients truly pleased. However on the flip side, it can be heavy to carry and more expensive.

Aluminum bottles

Light weight yet sturdy, these bottles are easy to carry and well suited for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.  where the user needs to keep liquid hot or cold for long periods. These recyclable bottles are rustproof and look elegant. However, these bottles have a fairly low level of insulation and are not usually dishwasher safe.

Bike bottles

Light weight aluminum bottles that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors will make a great choice for bikers. The flip top lid will make it easy to sip while on the move. Models with carabiner are highly popular.

Glass bottles

Brittle yet classic, glass bottles require a lot of care while handling, which makes it less suited for outdoor events. However, it will make an elegant handout to a few selected clients during milestone events and special business events. You can get your logo and message laser engraved to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. These recyclable bottles do not stain or affect the taste of drink; however being brittle these are not suitable for children. Glass bottles are ideal for everyday use at home or office and make a great addition to the collectibles. Perfect for giving to smaller numbers of clients to make them feel special.

Plastic bottles

Light weight, sturdy and easy to carry, plastic bottles are probably the most popular  option for budget marketing. Available in a wide range of colors, these bottles will complement your branding theme as well.  Easy to clean and  can be frozen for ice drinks in summer; it has a great imprint space for detailed artwork and designs ; BPA free and ecofriendly options are available; not suited for hot drinks and the bottle may affect the taste of the beverages

The best part is that plastic bottles are well cut for everyday situations and ideal for people on the go. Ideal for all branding needs especially for sports or activity-focused brands

 Before you choose a model, consider the life style of the audience to pick up a n appropriate model that will match their way of life.

Different Lid Types on offer

The type of lid on the bottle will go a long way in enhancing its appearance and functionality in several ways.  Spare a thought at the needs of your target audience to choose an appropriate lid. For instance, flip-top lids will open up easily to allow quick access and are well suited during workouts.

Screw-on lids

Screw on lids on the other hand ensure easy access to the full mouth of the bottle for deeper drinking. It is leak proof and has a stylish appearance as well. However, it might not be a great choice for an active crowd that may need quick and frequent access to water.


Push-button lids allow quick, convenient one-handed use though there is a risk of leaking if not closed properly.

Push/pull spout

Push/pull spout is simple to use with one hand and can even be opened with your teeth to enjoy hands free convenience during outdoor events and sports.

Straw lid

Straw lid is fun for kids and kids at heart alike. As it is likely to spill, it might not be a feasible option while on the go.

Add- on features

Custom water bottles with add-on features are likely to be more popular thanks to its high utility.

Clips and carabiners

It will make it easy for your recipients to attach the bottle to their bags or belt during outdoor activities.


vacuum insulated water bottles that hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold will make a great choice.

Lid cups

A lid that can be screwed off as a separate cup can be convenient, especially for hot drinks

Customization is the key

Water bottles offer a lot of creative customization options thanks to its diverse color choices that will reflect your brand. Think about the details that should go into these custom products including logo, message or artwork. Make sure that your branding will stand out and be noticeable to everyone who sees it.

Imprint options

You can consider diverse printing options like screen printing, laser engraving or full color digital printing

 Screen printing is ideal for plastic or metal bottles where as laser engraving will give a long lasting customization effect for metal or glass bottles. Digital printing will ensure superior quality print for complex and detailed designs. However, it is expensive than the other imprint options. Thus marketers can choose the most appropriate imprint option that will match their budget and the preferences of their target audience.

No matter how you go about it , custom water bottles are a great way to promote your business whilst offering  the clients  giveaways they’ll love. Browse our complete line of water bottles to choose a model that you think will fit your theme.