5 Senses Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just yet another red letter day on the holiday calendar. It is indeed the celebration of unconditional love, beauty and joy at its best.

Marketers planning a Valentine’s Day promotions will obviously find these gift ideas that arouse all five senses truly inspiring.

Taste gift ideas


Chocolate is universally popular as gifts during Valentine’s Day events every year! Further more, these custom giveaways are not just for marketers in the food industry. Any business niche can make use of the tremendous popularity of chocolate gifts to make their message sweeter!

Heart shaped candies  are the perfect treat topper. Easy to customize and distribute, these branded goodies will surely wow your audience. Just think of the exposure your brand will get every time your recipients share these delectable treats with their sweet toothed friends or colleagues.

Touch gift ideas


 This is the ultimate gift that can arouse the sense of touch, whether you want romance or relaxation  Not only do massages feel amazing, but it is absolutely a luxury  for the busy souls in the modern world.

Oven mitts

Impress your prospects who may be planning a romantic dinner at home with these high utility gifts of oven mitts. Available in a palette of solid colors, oven mitts  will ensure safety every day and not just  during this romantic holiday ! With Valentine’s being one of the most profitable holidays for  bakeries and restaurants, custom oven mitts will make great gifts to spread the word. Every time they touch these soft mitts they will remember your brand.

Moreover, it will  keep your crew safe  from burns. You can even sell these mitts as store merchandise.Budget friendly and  ideal to fit on almost all budgets, mitts can be fully customized with cute motifs like roses, cupid, heart and so much more.

Sight Gift Ideas

Picture frames

Choose from a range of picture frames that let your audience cherish their favorite snapshots. This is a classic gift that will always melt hearts!

Smell gift ideas

Essential oils

Let your audience indulge in a pampering session with these soothing essential oils. Choose from various flavors that make them feel good and smell sensuous. Besides, these smell gift ideas of essential oils are well known for its relaxing properties that will enhance the mood of your prospects!

Sound gift ideas

Waterproof speaker

 Stimulate the sense of sound with this  little waterproof speaker. Undoubtedly, it is one of the coolest tech gadgets you can get  on a modest rate. As it can be connected to the phone , your recipients can also listen to their favorite playlists right in their shower!

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