5 Marketing Ideas To drive up 4th Of July Holiday sales  

4th of July, is the most important holiday for Americans to celebrate independence and  the brilliant summer season- both of which  they are proud about.It is a great occasion for businesses to connect with their audience and  highlight their national commitment alike. Here are some great patriotic marketing ideas that will put your message ahead this season.


Discount sale

Hold special sales or promotions for the 4th of July to drive up footfalls and  make your brand part of the positive memories and celebration as well.  The holiday week will be a great time to run your promotions.

Free gifts

Let’s be frank about it! Nothing turns on people as much as freebies. Star and striped custom gifts like stress relievers, pens , caps , sunglasses, glow sticks, hand fans and more- you have a great selection of  custom items that can be handed out at your stores, local events or even parades. Your recipients will indeed find this experience truly enjoyable and will remember your brand for this special reason.

Patriotic Hand FansHost a Sidewalk Sale

Hosting  a sidewalk sale is a great way to turn  your foot traffic into leads. Just set up a table with  party items and products that people may need to celebrate. It will easily catch the attention of those who walk by. If your shop happens to be near any local event where fun contests and raffles are being organized make sure to donate a prize to get your name out.

A new product launch

During holidays, people in general  are  relaxed and in a perfect reception mode to your ideas. Make use of this opportunity to launch a new product. Build up a buzz in social media  about your product launch in the weeks leading up to it. Send emails and reminders to get the excitement racing and offer a grand discount for all those who attend the event or try out the product.

Red, White, and Blue Themed gift ideas

Stock up Independence day custom gifts and holiday merchandise like patriotic colored clothing, accessories, food items and more. Decorate your store front with flags and buntings and red and white and blue festoons  just in time for the holiday. You can even share your holiday décor in instagram so that your followers can share the experience and be part of the celebration.

 Patriotic Knit Scarves

You can even post recipes of Red, White, and Blue Desserts/Cocktails/Foods/Fruit Platters and video tutorials  of this patriotic recipe. Everyone will be interested to try this out and talk about your innovative promotional idea in their social pages.

Untitled design (5)

Not only do people want to have patriotic food displays, but they also want to decorate their homes when hosting parties!  Share some easy ideas to make some fun decor that won’t break the bank.

DIY Patriotic Décor tips is another interesting way to get people follow your social pages. Easy to do décor ideas for their homes and parties will get your fan base swell while your recipients have some pocket friendly décor ideas.

Printed 6 Inch Patriotic Bear

How are you planning a star and stripes promotions on July 4th? Wishing you all a fun and safe holiday!