Build Up A Buzz On 4th Of July With Patriotic-Themed Promotions

Patriotic themed promotions including photo contests, ballots, sweepstakes and quizzes are great options to spice up the biggest holiday of 4th of July. The advertisers can decorate the stores in red, blue and white colors and announce some special deals to grab the attention of the summer spenders.

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Here are some cool 4th of July promotional ideas that will make it all the more engaging and interesting

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Fun Contests

Be it caption contest, cookery contest or photo contest, these fun ideas will get people in their sporty best. The contest news spreads over social media like crazy while you get a great branding opportunity. Encourage the participants to use the flag colors while posing for the camera. Even pets offer a great photo opportunity

Ballot polls

Organize a ballot to find out about the most popular hangouts to be in on the 4th of July. Your audience will be excited to come up with every tip they know. Choose categories like the beat floats, the best place to watch the fireworks, best BBQ and more to engage the whole community. It will also offer a host of information to those who may be looking for it.


These are crowd builders in a literal sense. It will attract tons of entries. Choose handouts like storage containers, BBQ sets, condiments, food & candy and in fact anything that matches the festive mood. It is a subtle way to build your email base for future promotions as well.

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Store promotional freebies are the best way to drive up the footfalls and drum up support for your promotions. Choose handouts in patriotic colors for added impact. Handouts like ceramic mugs, glow bracelets, hats and hand fans will make great choices.

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It is a proven way to engage your audience and amp up the fun. Choose any ready-to-run, patriotic quizzes to get it done in the fastest time. You can even tweak or customize it to suit your promotional theme. It is a fun way to make your brand the talk of the town. The participants will share their experiences over social media and create a buzz in no time.  Hosting a quiz on local events is another way to get your brand out among the summer spenders.

No matter how you choose to go about it, these ideas will easily engage your audience and bring in qualified leads for you. Holidays are the best time to talk business because the prospective customers will be relaxed and in the right frame of mind to explore more about your brand. Shop right away.