Custom Beach Staples – Advertising At The Beach Is Easy As Never Before

Summer is the middle name of beach fun! So, make sure to shop for some of the best beach promotional items to stay in touch with the sun- seekers and outdoorsy clients. Beaches draw a large audience of all age groups right from kids, youth and elderly people, which gives marketers a wonderful chance to reach out to a diverse and massive audience.

Custom Beach Staples

Beach toys

Both kids and kids at heart will love to play with beach balls or Frisbees. These are budget friendly, colorful and attention-grabbing. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of curious eyeballs. Glow in the dark yo yo is a delightful way to make sure that your brand is seen even at night.

9 Inch Personalized Pet Safe Flyers

Beach towels

Be it to spread out on the sand, to drape around or to pat dry, beach towels make a high visibility gift item that can be considered. Your brand and message imprinted on these brightly colored products will never fail to grab the attention of your audience.

Printed Beach Ball Beach Towels


Choose from a wide range of styles, models and price rates. Imprint your brand and message on these to reach a wider audience. Sunscreen makes a budget-friendly staple for summer that is hard to resist. People often share it among their friends and family groups, which means that your brand will get a secondary audience.

Sunstix 15 SPF Sunscreen Lotions with Lip Balm Stick

Cooler bags

Keep your snacks and beverages fresh and well insulated for a long time with these handy items. Your brand will follow your recipients wherever they go including camping sites, parks, picnic grounds and workplaces. Highly retained and warmly welcomed, cooler bags will indeed become mobile billboards for your brand for a long time to come.

Non-Woven Wave Design Cooler Lunch Bags

Water bottles

Always in use, water bottles make a high utility gift that nobody can resist- not just for the beach but for parks, biking trials, gym and marathons. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get on these summer essentials. If you are looking for something special, settle for Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottles that will not just serve beverages but your favorite music as well. It will make a great corporate gift to consider.

7 Oz Custom Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottles

Folding chairs

Having a perfect folding chair can double up the beach fun easily. Choose from a wide range of handy models including meshed models or chairs with cooler bags. Your message imprinted on the massive imprint area of these folding chairs will get a lot of eyeballs not just on the beach but sports grounds and camping sites as well.

Logo Game Day Director's Folding Chairs


Sun is fun alright, but being exposed to the UV rays for a long time can be damaging. Make sure to hand out custom sunglasses as your handouts. Imprinted with your brand and message, these logo items will make heads turn literally. A stylish pair of sunglasses will easily make your brand the talk of the town

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

Advertising your business at the beach has limitless advantages. It makes a great investment for your business to reward your clients and attract new prospects. Which of these items will make a great summer promotional item this season? Share your thoughts.