4 Distinctive Gift Ideas For Trade Shows- A Quick Guide

Trade shows make a teeming platform where businesses come face to face with prospective customers and make a perfect time to grab the attention of the audience. Interesting tradeshow swag is one of the most important factors that make businesses stand out in the crowd. Having the hottest swag in your kitty will drive up the footfalls and enhance your brand engagement with the audience. So, think beyond the run of the mill gift items and consider unique and inspiring gifts that will infuse life into your marketing efforts. It will make your brand remembered and will bring new leads. Here are some innovative tradeshow gifts that will never fail to bring visitors to your table and will also let you send them back home with your brand token.

4 distinctive Gift Ideas for Trade Shows-

Pampering gifts

Consider gifts like scented candles or aromatherapy oil diffusers that will stimulate the audience and help them beat their fatigue.  Your guests will love to put their feet up in these cozy hubs during breaks and just imagine the exposure your brand on these will get. You can give a few of these custom gifts as takeaways to remind them of both the ethereal experience you offered and your business ideas.

Promotional Electronic Aromatherapy Oil Diffusers

Gifts that live on!

Gifts with life like plants and seeds will make a great way to give your brand an extended exposure. Hand out attendees plants, outfitted in customized planters to ensure your brand an incredible staying power. Musical Planter and Wireless Speakers  is a perfect gift in this category. These custom Bluetooth and wireless speakers can be connected to mobile devices to play music. The users can play 10 preset piano songs by touching the plant. Plant seeds and soil are included. These gardening giveaways are a great way to make your tradeshow booth an oasis in the middle of a bland business event.

Customized Musical Planter and Wireless Speakers

Fashion forward Tech Accessories

Considering the fact that we all live in a plugged-in digital world, custom tech products will make popular tradeshow handouts. Choose some on-the-trend tech items like Bluetooth speakers or wireless charging pads to make your brand the cynosure of the event. These value added gifts are available in a range of price points and models, which make it easy for marketers to choose a gift that their audience will reach out to again and again!

Customized Leatherette Smartphone Wallets

Quirky handouts that are not Directly Related to Industry

Pull off a surprise by handing out tradeshow gifts that are not even remotely connected with your industry and your audience will surely take a closer look at these gifts and your brand on them. For instance, if you are attending automotive events, handout custom plush toys or desk accessories or think of kitchen products as swag in sports and fitness conferences and so on. Find a gift that will make your target audience delighted and that is unique enough to grab their undivided attention.

4.75 x 4.75 Inch Custom Square Shaped 4 pc Coaster Set

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