ProImprint Staff Favorites – Painting The Town Red With Valentine’s Day Custom Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right here, where couples struck by the Cupid’s arrow celebrate the day with the choicest gifts, debauchery, flamboyance, romantic dinner nights, tour plans and more. Valentine’s Day literally is a celebration of love with a capital ‘L’ and gives ample room to shop for the choicest custom gifts that are personalized with quotes, messages or artwork. To complement the romantic mood of the world outside, we at ProImprint chose Valentine day gift ideas as our theme of our monthly staff favorite poll for January.

ProImprint Staff Favorites

The sales team grabbed the microphone and announced their gifts in spilt seconds. They seem to have a fair idea of what they want. We bet these adorable Valentine Heart Shape Stress Relievers will tug the hearts of everyone. The good thing is that they can use it in office as well to stay cool and beat the proverbial Monday blues. The second in their list was these brilliant red magnetic Heart Shape Clips that will look great on fridge doors or filing cabinets and will make a handy place to hold their love quotes and snaps. The sales team is expecting a flurry of orders for this heart shaped clip that will steal everyone’s heart with its beauty and utility.

The production team was the next to pick up their favorite gifts for Valentine’s day. They picked up these pristine 11 Oz White Ceramic Mugs unanimously. The white backdrop sets a perfect canvas for placing the love quotes and artwork. Anyone who are on the lookout for a perfect custom gift will find these delightful mugs a perfect choice. After a brief discussion, they picked up Valentine Plush Big Paw Bears with Shirt as their second gift. The boisterous production team is planning to keep this delightful toy in their work station and the announcement was made amidst a thunderous applause. The love struck couples out there wracking their brains for a cute and lovable gift can consider this custom gift that will make their message stay closer to the special someone in their lives. Marketers will have a very potent marketing gift in these soft toys in promoting their brands and special offers during the day.

Custom Printed 11 Oz White Ceramic Mugs

Last but not least the design team took to the floor a bit hesitantly and chose 15 Oz Red Campfire Mugs as their favorite gift item. These sparkly mugs with a retro mosaic design will make a perfect choice to promote special Valentine deals for restaurants and coffee shops. The brilliant backdrop will highlight the message effectively thereby enhancing the beauty of these personalized gifts. Heart Shape Gel Beads Hot / Cold Pack will show how much you care for all the special people that have made your lives beautiful. These high retention first aid kit items are something everyone needs in daily lives to stay relaxed after a hectic day out. Your brand and message will get a lot of attention and appreciation for sure.

Promotional Heart Shape Gel Beads Hot / Cold Pack

It was interesting that ProImprint team chose some quirky gifts that are a wee bit different from the traditional favorites of chocolates or red roses. So, for marketers who wish to think out of the box while shopping for their Valentine’s Day promotional gifts can get a cue or two from this poll results. Share your Valentine’s Day gift choices at the comments below and join the conversation.

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