Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say You Care For Hearts!

The month of February is a month to celebrate not just the loving hearts but also a healthy heart because it’s also American Heart Month! Why not turn your Valentine’s Day gifts heart healthy gifts as well to make your brand get closer to the hearts of your recipients. While the loved ones inspire us to live, the vital organ of hearts pump oxygen for the normal functioning of our body and help us lead a healthy and hearty lifestyle.

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say You Care For Hearts!

If you are looking beyond the customary gifts like cookies and flowers, think of creative and healthy gift ideas that show your love for both healthy and loving hearts!.

Here are some Heart Healthy Gift Ideas for your Valentine’s Day promotions

  1. Chocolates
    Chocolates not just make a sweet way to propose to your sweet heart but they are also heart healthy. Dark chocolates that are rich in antioxidants are good for the health of heart. You can mix it with trail mix or nuts to make it more nutritious and an irresistible treat for your recipients.Custom Printed Chocolate Squares with 24 Molds
  2. Heart shaped Discount Coupons
    Everyone will love discount coupons that will earn your recipients discounts and freebies. Add long expiration dates so that they return to your stores more often.
  3. Work Out!
    Working out will keep the heart muscles healthy and strong. Jump rope or exercise bands will all make great custom gifts that will inspire them to keep moving, enjoy a dance party or a hiking trip. It is a fun way of combining leisure and fitness all at once. Personalize these with your brand and message to make them special. Your recipients will surely remember your message for more than one reason!Custom Printed Exercise Bands
  4. Hearty tech gifts
    Tech gifts like pedometers will make a perfect heart-monitoring gadget as these sleek, wearable gadgets will track heart rate, steps walked and calories burned throughout the day. Long lasting and well retained, these custom gifts will keep the heart in top health and will highlight your message!Personalized Multifunction Clearview Pedometers
  5. Have a Heart
    Valentine’s Day will make a great occasion to have a heart for social causes. Organize a blood donation camp, a health marathon to raise funds for heart patients or an awareness campaign will all make great options to highlight your social commitment.

These heart healthy gifts that your recipients will love as much as their heart will make a perfect way to celebrate American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day! Marketers who are socially committed and wish to give back to the community will enjoy a special place among their recipients’ hearts. Can you think of more heart healthy gifts for V day promotions? Share your ideas at the comments section below!

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