20th July Is Lollipop Day – Have You Planned Your Custom Gifts

National Lollipop Day will be celebrated this July 20th and there is just enough time to place the orders for these old fashioned lollipops that ensure both brand exposure and the much deserved sugar fix for your customers.

promotional swirl lollipop with round label

Lollipops that we see today date back to 1908 when George Smith invented this stick lolly to make it easier and mess-free to eat these sweet treats, named after a then popular racing horse Lolly Pop.

Promotional confectionery is one of the most delightful and the fastest growing advertising tools on the market today. Available in a range of flavors and sizes, custom lollipops are perfect for any office, waiting room or trade show booth as people will always love to have a lollipop break anytime, anywhere! Imprint your logo or business message on the sucker, wrapper or stick and hand these sweet treats to them. Till they finish the sweet stick, your logo will remain right in front of their eyes, which will leave your brand impression in their minds for a very long time for sure.

custom dum dum lollipop with four color process box

Does anyone need an excuse to savor these sweet sticks that have been around since everyone’s childhood? Custom lollipops make perfect promotional giftsto promote a range of businesses including kid’s stores, bakers, juice stands, party planners and much more. Now that the summer sun is at its high, you can even hand out logo ice lolly that will keep your customers cool and happy.

Custom lollipops make wonderful options for fund raising events, parades and fun fairs and can make delightful gift box items too. The best thing is that these can be handed out as party favors or employee gifts as well and the recipients will surely feel well appreciated and happy at these simple yet thoughtful tokens of appreciation. Light weight and easy to distribute, these logo products can even be used for mailer campaigns to spring up a sweet surprise to your customers.

Everyone loves to have a few of these freebies in their bags wherever they go. Be it to beat the monotony of work or on the go, lollipops will make sure that your customers remain happy and smiling always. ProImprint has a range of lollipops to match your budget theme. Tootsie Lollipop with Four Color Box is a great icebreaker to start any business conversation with your customers while the swirl lollipop with round label available in a range of colors and flavors will promote and popularize your logo among your customers in no time.

Browse ProImprint to choose from a range of these timeless sweet delights that will never go out of the confectionery world and let your customers enjoy Lollipop Day responsibly. Happy Lollipop day!

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