Custom candy- The best promotional gifts during the National candy month of June

Custom candies can make delightful options to put your business message out to your customers. The sweet toothed clients in your list will instantly be floored with these sweet delights that come in assorted packs, wrappers and gift boxes. You can’t ask for a better time than the National candy month of June to indulge in a promotional campaign using custom candies. These unusual corporate gifts also make a fun way to celebrate the occasion and to satiate the sweet cravings of your customers.

promotional swirl lollipop with round label

The fact that the average American eats about 24 pounds of candy a year highlights the prospects that candies hold in promoting businesses. Personalized candy is a delightful option to promote your brand, satiate their sweet tooth and keep them in smiles! Imprint your logo on these candies to make sure that these leave a sweet impression in their minds.

Let’s be frank about it! Everyone loves sweet treats and there can’t be a better occasion than the National Candy Month to pamper them with some sweet topped promotions.

Promotional candies are very well received by clients of all age groups and tastes. There is a range of candies to choose from including hard candies, lollipops, gummies and jelly beans among others. Be it as appreciation gifts, raffle gifts, incentives or more, custom candies can be handed out during various special occasions. No matter whether you like to hand out these corporate gifts at fun tradeshows or through mailer campaigns, your customers will surely be delighted to be part of this promotional campaign and will remember your logo for long.

Once you hand out these logo imprinted treats you are rest assured that these will do all the sweet talk for your brand. Personalized candy also makes effective corporate gifts and marketing giveaways that will take your brand into higher places. These popular promotional gifts can be effectively employed to promote restaurants, hotels, colleges, dance classes, fitness clubs and more.

gold rush personalized food gift box with hard foil candies Foil Candy

Here are some custom candy ideas to add dollops of sweetness to your June promotions

Candy Bags with Gummy Bears : These medium sized bountiful bags filled with tasty gummy bears can be dropped into a promotional tote bag. These candy bags make perfect gifts for weddings, banquets, sales events, community programs, tradeshows and many other special occasions. Imprint your logo and business message on the wrappers and we bet, your logo will never fail to gain attention.

Rectangle Tin with Jelly Beans: Jelly beans are all time favorites of everyone. Be it the festive occasions of Easter, a fun party weekend or a corporate holiday, jelly beans allure the sweet toothed customers at all times. Available in a range of attractive rainbow colors, these soft centered jellies drive up the mood of your recipients in no time. Choose these rectangular gold or silver tin filled with jelly beans, imprint your logo and hand it out to make your logo a sweet name in their minds.

Perfect as party favors and employee gifts, candies are well received as free gifts and they will fondly think about your brand and will even talk about it among their friends and family, which in turn will enhance your brand recall value.

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