12 Ways Your Business Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month since 1985, during which  millions throughout the world get involved in this cause. Breast cancer can be  managed effectively, if detected early enough. This is why awareness is  critical. Businesses too can play their part in spreading awareness about breast cancer, which affects approximately 1 in 8 women in the United States.

In addition, it’s easy for small businesses to do their part. There are countless  ways you can show your support for the cause of  breast cancer awareness.

Hold Breast Cancer Awareness Events In The Workplace

Employers can promote awareness on breast cancer in their workplace; and encourage their team to do routine health check up and adopt healthy habits. It will show that you care for the wellness of employees while engaging them in awareness campaigns.  Breast cancer awareness month is a perfect time to educate employees about breast cancer, its symptoms and prevention methods.

Wear Pink Ribbons

Pink ribbon is the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness month. So, inspire your team to wear pink ribbons at work for the whole month. You can even organize a fund raising campaign by selling pink ribbon shaped handouts like stress relievers ,  for the benefit of your favorite local or national charity.   Sponsoring fundraising events like health run or walk  is another proven way to raise proceeds for the social cause. Handout custom giveaways like pink T shirts or sports bottles printed with your awareness message, for the participants. It will spread the word, and highlight your social commitment.

Adopt a Pink Décor or Apparel Theme

Decorate   office with pink streamers and balloons and encourage employees to wear pink socks and bandannas that go well with the theme.

Sponsor a Fitness Class

Sponsor dance, yoga, or work out sessions and serve healthy refreshments to promote health and wellness of your team, . You can even use pink lunch bags imprinted with awareness messages as part of the lunch-and-learn session for employees and the public.  Encourage your employees to bring their own lunch, to instill a healthy eating habit in them. Better still, you can engage a wellness expert to talk about breast cancer awareness.

Custom giveaways like logo pens and custom tumblers printed with your brand will surely match your theme.

Promote Mammograms

Your employees can volunteer at health camps and mammogram centers for a certain time period to be part of the cause. You can also get the team outfitted in your company custom T shirts or hand out free breast cancer awareness products printed with your logo to the participants.

Empower Women in Your Workplace

Use Breast Cancer Awareness month to empower the women in your organization. You can conduct women’s exclusive yoga classes, fitness sessions, webinars, and more to encourage them to take charge of their health.

Besides, you can also invite breast cancer survivors to share their experiences; so that your employees get a better understanding of the battle against breast cancer. It will also help them to learn the importance of screenings and mammograms.

Plan a Breast Cancer Awareness Themed Halloween

Can there be a better way to wind up the breast cancer month than adding a pink touch to Halloween that falls on the last day of the month?  Plan a pre-Halloween bash with pink costumes, gaudy wigs , scarves and accessories. Serve pink lemonade and cookies to complement the theme.

Girls Night

Another interesting way would be to sponsor a night-time fundraising event exclusively for ladies. Think of interesting activities like make-up demo, healthy cooking class, or zumba sessions for a small fee, which will go to the non profits involved in breast cancer awareness activities. Remember, pink awareness events need not be sober; you can also get creative with fun ideas that will cheer up the cancer survivors.

 Breast cancer is something that cannot be taken lightly; however adopting fun ways to promote awareness will be extremely effective. Think of fun giveaways like plush animals and  puzzles along with pink ribbon themed awareness gifts to get easy attention and impress people like never before . It will also help you to reach out to people of all age groups and demographics including the millenniials or even kids and family groups .

Take your Awareness Campaign to the Virtual Media

Social media is indeed a powerful platform  to get the word out about Breast Cancer Awareness.  Add snapshots of your awareness campaigns on facebook or  Instagram  to reach out to your followers . It is obviously one of the most effective ways to get the word out about breast cancer awareness and highlight your social commitment alike!

Support Breast Cancer Charities  Beyond October

Further, you can continue  to involve with cancer awareness campaigns even  beyond October . Apart from organizing health runs, or free  medical camps, marketers can also invest in long lasting custom giveaways like tote bags or  wellness items like pedometers that will continue to inspire the recipients even after the pink splash in October. It will definitely raise the awareness at times when people are less likely to remember about it.

Set up a Bulletin Board

Set up a bulletin board in the busy area of your office. Inspire your employees to be at their creative best by posting on these bulletin boards. Whether it is facts and figures, drawings, inspirational quotes or something more, your team can indeed come up with a lot of creative ideas in spreading breast cancer awareness. They can even  write messages of support to the cancer survivors or someone fighting the disease.

Pink Tree Bulletin board

Set up a  pink tree bulletin board and let the donors who donate to the cause to sign on the board. It will be encouraging for everyone to watch the tree grow throughout the month as more people come forward with  donations and support.

Think of more such unique ideas that will leave a lasting impact in the lives of people fighting cancer. Even small and simple gestures will help you to show that you care.

Come up with more such creative ideas on how your business can make a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do share your ideas in the comments section!