12 Custom Camping Essentials For the Great Outdoors

Camping is the best way to kick start the summer fun and explore the great outdoors though it comes with its fair share of risks like mosquitoes and poison oak among others.  That is what makes camping gear crucial in making or breaking a camping  holiday. If your business wishes to reach out to the enthusiastic campers or if you are in the outdoor leisure niche, make sure to put your logo on these interesting and useful camping promotional items.


Camping Drinkware

Can camping be ever complete without some camp food classics like S’mores and hot cocoa? Campfire mugs will offer a lot of promo opportunity as the campers enjoy their favorite coffee and cocoa on these brilliantly colored campfire mugs with a flashy speckled design that comes alive in the crackling bonfire. The big plus- These cups are also nice for travel, it’s also trendy enough to take to office!

15 Oz Custom Imprinted Red Campfire Mugs

Cutting Board

A nice and clean cutting board is very essential when you need to cook in the open and in dirty and muddy settings Choose from various models including ecofriendly bamboo cutting boards that go well with a holiday in the lap of nature!

Grove Bamboo Cutting Board Sets

BBQ set

Let your recipients make their favorite grilled items even when they are away from home with these handy BBQ sets. It has got everything that your clients may need to whip up some delicious barbecue fare in the camps.

Blaze 5 Piece BBQ Sets

Cooler bags

Make camping a lot easier and a lot tastier with these handy cooler bags that will keep the food and drinks insulated and fresh. Needless to say your logo imprinted on these brightly colored items will get a lot of attention.

20 Can Balboa Cooler Bags

Campsite items

Home is where your heart is and where you pitch your tent! Make your recipients feel at home with  camping lanterns that  is a perfect item to enhance the fun and safety of the camping holiday.

High Sierra® 66 LED 3 in 1 Camping Lanterns

Folding chairs

Folding chairs with coolers built into the armrest is a great way to sit back and relax and give some rest to the tired body after the trail. Your brand name displayed on the chair will enable your recipients to find their seat easily and keep away others from stealing it!

Imprinted Polyester Cooler Chairs

Camping Essentials

Here are some veritable camping items that help customers stay safe and avoid danger during a night in the woods.

Knives come handy to cut a cord, open a food packet or even as a defense tool.

Maglite flashlight is another must have item. Designed for the rugged outdoors and the rough weather conditions, these flashlights will light up the way and guide the campers at night.  It is one of those camping promotional items that will represent your brand for years.

Hydration Pack

Running out of drinking water in the middle of the wilderness is beyond imagination. Check out these hydration bags that comes with a water reservoir, sip hose with bite valve, and extra space for snacks and supplies; ideal for both day hikers and overnight camping.

Printed H20 Hydration Bags


From spotting a rare bird or a trail marker, binoculars are a camp item that will drive up the camping experience. Your brand and message will get a magnified visibility– literally!

 Dry bags

Give your customers a reliable and water proof bag for storing their tech gadgets and other valuables. The water resistant design of the bag will keep the items safe in rain or during kayaking or other water fun events that your recipients may have in their mind.


The temperature in the woods and the hill tops may drop sharply at night and having a cozy blanket may definitely help. Your brand and message on it will get a lot of attention

Bug repellent

SPF 30 Sunscreen and Bug Repellent keeps both the bugs and the UV risks at bay.  It contains a natural bug repellent of citronella that keep bugs away while the sweat proof and UVA/UVB proof sunscreen will make fun in the sun more enjoyable.

Handsfree SPF 30 Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

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