How Going Green Can Boost The Goodwill For Businesses

Today, most people prefer to do business with environmentally responsible companies thanks to the growing awareness on the importance of being ecofriendly. Show your clients that you care about them by handing out green themed custom gifts that will highlight your environment friendly traits in bold.


Say no to Disposables

Disposable items can be replaced with reusable and durable giveaways that the audience will find more useful and sustainable.  Single use plastic bags can be replaced with reusable tote bags and single use water bottles can give its way to reusable metal water bottles. It will reduce the menace of landfills and pollution and make this planet a sustainable abode for the coming generations.

25 Oz Custom Printed Manna™ Carafe Steel Bottles

Cut Down on Waste

Every time you drink coffee from a disposable paper cup you add up 260 cups into the landfills in a year! Help customers develop good practices in their everyday lives by handing out these trendy insulated travel mugs that keep their drinks fresh and well insulated and above all keep the  waste out of landfills.

High utility items

Choose promo items that people will actually use. It would also keep your message and brand in front of recipients for a long time. People hold on to it and use items that they find useful. Value added items like wireless charging mousepad or stylus pens that can be used both on papers and digital notepads are some of the examples to consider.

Matte Allure Stylus Pens

Wheat tumblers and pens make another excellent giveaway that can be considered. Made from reclaimed wheat stalks that would have otherwise been burnt, causing pollution, these make great handouts for milestone celebrations, business events and tradeshows.

16 Oz Wheat Travel Tumblers

Millions of plastic straws end up in water bodies causing death and destruction of marine creatures. It is too early for all of us to forget the distressing image of a turtle with a bleeding nose caused by a sharp plastic straw stuck inside. Reusable wheat straws or paper straws will make great substitutes to make the refreshment hours enjoyable and responsible alike.

Cotton or canvas tote bags make great ecofriendly giveaways for all types of events and businesses. Offered in a wide range of colors and sizes, these bags can be reused for a long time. Businesses will get consistent brand display at one time investment while their recipients have a trendy bag that they love to show off wherever they go!

Crawford Plaid Tote Bags

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