Top 5 Tradeshow Secrets From The Pros

Directing loads of traffic to the tradeshow booth is easier said than done. Have you ever wondered why some booths always seem to attract crowd like it a magnet? Check out these best kept secrets from the tradeshow floors that will make your booth popular as never before!

Decisive Factors That Could Make Your Tradeshow A Huge success!

  1. Start Networking well before the Tradeshow Begins

Put your plans on place one or two months before the tradeshow actually opens and get your game on! Reach out to the past clients , network and be a social media busy bee to spread the word out and drum up support. Now that the ground work is done, your booth has already become popular even before even the tradeshow started!

  1. Create a successful elevator pitch

Creating an elevator pitch can easily grab the potential client’s attention at a busy trade show and persuade them invest in an idea, or your product. Make sure to engage the customer with your message and let them talk. It will help the attendees to take an instant rapport with your business and develop an affinity in the initial few seconds itself.

  1. Freebies are the trump cards

Who doesn’t like getting free gifts afterall?  Investment in tradeshow swag will definitely pay off. Just make sure to choose swag that is relevant to your product or service. If you aren’t advertising a free giveaway, you cannot drive footfalls to your booth

Tradeshow swag need not be expensive; think of budget friendly items like pens, tote bags or business card magnets, which are hugely popular because these are handy and useful. Unique items like multi functional keychains or color changing tumblers are some of the  interesting gift ideas that you can consider.

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A raffle can be organized to give away more desirable expensive prizes in lieu of the contact information of attendees who stop by your booth an participate in the fun contest

Trade Show Tote Bags

4.Show a graphic display of your business

 Invest in interactive digital software to portray your business, services and product lines to your attendees. A high tech booth will be a crowd puller in its own right as it will show that you are on top of trends and attuned with the changing times

  1. Interesting Colors

Choose colors that urge people to buy or stimulate them to take a closer look at what you offer. Custom banners and flags in lively shades of red, greens and blue can be used to deck up the booth. For summer and fall season tradeshows, you can consider sunny shades like orange and yellow that complements the season as your booth color. It will attract the customers and make your booth stand out among the mute colored booths.

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Last but not least, make sure that your team is always manning the booth, engaging the customers and selling your products. An abandoned booth where nobody is in sight can be a red flag for the attendees.

Now that you have some top tips to make your tradeshow booth  crowd pleasing, you can get started on a sure footing