Your Summer Swag Can’t Get Any Better than Branded Beach Balls

Summer is around the corner and it is time for marketers to put their summer campaigns on top gear. Branded beach balls make budget friendly handouts to reach out to the outdoorsy audience and get your message into the hands of the clients without being intrusive. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, beach balls can easily match any promotional theme you may have in mind.


Everyone loves the sun and summer is undoubtedly the most favorite time of year for all outdoorsy Americans. Whether it’s sunbathing to get that perfect tan or planning a backyard barbecue, summer is great time to get the hang of the outdoors at its best. If you want something that’s just a little more fun as your marketing giveaway, custom beach balls make a great choice that will turn the excitement level up. No matter whether you wish to promote your brand or celebrate special occasions, logo beach balls will make a great choice.

Invented in 1938 by Jonathon DeLonge, the beach ball ranks 11 out of 100 on TIME’s all-time  greatest toy list.

Why beach balls


Unlike other marketing tools that may remain in a closet or a bag to be forgotten about, custom beach balls encourage group participation and will engage your clients with your message in a fun way. To get  a crowd excited, all you need is  just toss out a few branded beach balls!

Printed Beach Balls

Budget friendly – Starting at ridiculously low prices beach balls are incredibly budget friendly and ideal for promotions of all sizes and scales.

Limitless options: Offered in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to match your brand, or theme, beach balls can complement any promotional plan.

16 Inch Promotional USA Beach Balls

Maximum brand exposure – The high visibility imprint space of beach balls will earn a few brownie points for these classic toys. You have ample space for your logo and creative messages that can be put to use nicely to make heads turn!

Portability – Light weight and easy to deflate, beach balls can be easily transported to and from events and distributed with minimum fuss

Fun for all ages – Beach balls are not just loved by kids and kids at hearts but are a rage among pets as well.

 Global Beach Balls

The best ways to use custom beach balls in your promotions

As Souvenirs – Beach balls are an affordable memento for special events like weddings, birthdays,  corporate parties, and more.

16 Inch Basketball Beach Balls

Trade show Swag – If you are looking for out of the box trade show gift ideas, look no further than custom beach balls.

Parade throws – Forget about the old fashioned way of throwing candy at parades. Beach balls make  smart replacement; just make sure that you use light weight, smaller models as parade throw .

Ready to shop? Explore our complete line of custom beach balls to choose your favorite and put your brand on a high visibility curve.