Simple Promotional Ideas and Gifts For Yoga Studios

Yoga studios have evolved a lot in the new normal world to adapt to the change in work and life styles of the clients.

Likewise, Yoga  studio marketing has come a long way from just discount packages, flexible monthly plans and custom gifts like branded yoga wear gifts.

In the post pandemic world,  relevance of yoga has gone up like never before; as it is the right time to ensure mental health and well being. As indoor crowded classes  are not feasible in the current situation, most yoga studios are focusing on  outdoor classes, in-home classes and even virtual guidance.  This in turn offers a lot of options for the clients.

Here are some winning strategies to market your yoga studio

Personalized packages

Offering personalized yoga  facilities has indeed become more important than before, as more people are working from home and avoiding crowds for safety reasons, You can even consider private in-studio classes and virtual yoga sessions. In addition, include other related services such as massage or guided meditation; it will indeed help the prospects to choose what they need the most.

Online promotions

Social media platforms can be used to promote yoga classes. Further, you can keep customers up dated on your classes through social media platforms.

Outdoor banners and signs

In addition, if you have an in-person studio, use sidewalk signs and banners to advertise your classes. Banners and signs can also be used to advertise yoga classes being held in parks or beaches. It will definitely help the passersby to have all the essential information they may be looking for!

Yoga Promotional Items

Custom products will engage your customers and serve as your brand reminder alike. So, consider popular giveaways like yoga mats, cooling towels, bandanas, and more.

Here are a few more custom gifts that you will find interesting

Metallic Accent Tote Bag:  Add a speck of glamour to your promotions with these metallic tote bags . It is also just the right size for travel and can fit all the yoga staples like towel, yoga wear, and water bottle.

T shirts: Highly comfortable and trendy , T shirts in a range of bright colors will make a perfect billboard for your brand during outdoor yoga classes. 

Flip Top Water Bottle: Let your clients stay fresh and in perfect nick with this trendy, BPA free , translucent water bottle.

Need more? Explore our complete line of custom giveaways to choose a model that will fit your theme.