Winter Beach Wedding Ideas You Might Not Have Thought About

Frosty  weather is no reason not to have a winter beach wedding! In fact you get a lot of perks that only a winter wedding can ensure. From low cost accommodation to less crowded venues and a rich dose of warmth and colors from flowers and décor, winter destination weddings are a huge win.

Still on fence? Here are a few benefits that only winter weddings can offer.

Winter is Romantic

Though most people choose summer and spring seasons for beach weddings, winter has an exceptional charm about it . Add  a romantic touch to your special day  by planning a winter wedding.  The pristine white snow against the azure blue waters will give your wedding snapshots a surreal charm . It will surely impart a romantic aura to your beach wedding, especially if it’s the holiday season.

Countless Color themes

Winter is also about holiday season. You can choose a variety of themes for the wedding depending on the month you choose.For instance  If your wedding falls in and  around Christmas, you can choose the colors of red, green and silver as your wedding colors and décor theme. If it’s around New Year, you get the luxury of able to choose some of the most stunning colors into your décor theme. Incorporating shades of blue will accentuate the wintertime theme. In addition, you can add fire pits, candles and dimmed lights into the settings to add a special touch to the winter wedding day.

If your wedding day falls on Valentine’s Day, bring in loads of red hues . heart shaped motifs and center pieces into the décor to make our wedding day truly special

Send seasonal invitations

Choose a theme that complements the winter season when you’re ready to send out your official invitations. Choose a theme  that reflects the time of year, include seasonal colors and motifs to make it stand out and memorable.

Wedding attire

Your attire can also be festive depending on which winter month your wedding falls. On a pleasant day, you can choose a trendy sleeveless dress, while during cooler weather you may need to include a stylish and light weight jacket. It should be appropriate for the temperature while being fashion forward.

Winter weddings are Cheaper

Another reason winter beach weddings are  popular because they are often less expensive than their spring or summer counterparts as you can  enjoy off-season pricing.

You can even reserve your favorite wedding vendors because they are less likely to be busy in winter.  Your wedding guests will also find it easy to attend your winter beach wedding because it’s much less expensive for them.

Interesting Wedding favors

Winter wedding favors can include seasonal staples like beanies, scarves and blankets. Lip balm and sunglasses are some of the other custom giveaways that match the outdoor theme and the winter season alike. Personalize it with your brand and message to make it exceptional.

Plan a Wedding at Sunset

Winter beach wedding will give the prospective couples the luxury of choosing a sunset wedding theme as the sun sets much earlier around 6 pm during winter.

Beaches are Less Crowded

During winter, the beach is much less crowded. In other words you are more likely to have a very private beachfront wedding without many people interrupting you.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get creative and break the norms of the normal  destination weddings to make sure that your big day turns out to be absolutely perfect.