Valentine’s Day 2023 Themes and Custom Gifts

Every year on Valentine’s Day, people across the world spend a fortune on gifts in the name of love. It means that Valentine’s Day marketing is something very important for businesses. Besides, it offers the best opportunity for brands to connect with their customers as they celebrate the emotion of love.

In 2022, the spending for Valentine’s Day had hit a staggering $23.9 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) data.  This year too the picture looks rosy.  Here are some tips and ideas that will help marketers to make the most out of 2023 Valentine’s Day retail sales.

Choose interesting themes

Create curiosity in the minds of the audience by planning Valentine’s Day promotions in various themes centered around different types of love. It will help businesses to reach out to their target markets while offering their recipients yet another reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating Friendships

Valentine’s Day is not just about mushy love between lovers. It is indeed a great time to cherish selfless friendships as well. So, you can create a campaign in the community level to highlight this theme. Marketers can even introduce a discount campaign for customers who buy something for  their friends or refer their stores to their friends  on Valentine’s Day. This could also be a great way to encourage people to celebrate their friendships while your business gets a boost.

In addition, you can even host a social media photo contest where you can encourage the consumers to share their stories and snapshots on friendships. Think of interesting valentine’s day giveaways like heart shaped magnets , red colored giveaways and more to  round off the experience.

Family Love

Nothing is above the love of a family. So, inspire your consumers to express their love towards their siblings, parents, kids , wife or relatives. It is obviously a great way to show that they care to those who have been with them through the life journey. You can even set up a gift guide to make it easy for them to choose the best Valentine’s Day-themed products in town.

Romantic Relationships

Valentine ’s Day is dedicated to those involved in romantic relationships. So, it is important to design your marketing campaigns targeted towards couples. Offer special discounts to lovers and couples to reflect the spirit of the day. Besides, you can host online contests like caption contest or photo contest that will bring out the lover in each one of them. In addition, you can choose custom giveaways like lip balm, heart shaped balloons and more that will go well with the theme.

Highlight the importance of  Self-love

Probably not many  people think of pampering themselves with some nice experiences by celebrating self love. In today’s busy world it is essential to reinvent the importance of self love. After all, only when you love yourself can you manifest love from others! So, you can even run a campaign that will encourage everyone to practice self-care during this day.

Now that you have set a theme for your campaign, it is time to check out some popular Valentine’s Day Giveaways to get started.

Custom Couples T-shirts

Couple shirts never go out of fashion. Choose a  simple romantic quote and a minimalist design for your T shirt  that will impress your customers. You can offer this to the couples who drop in. You can even hand these out to friends or family members. These trendy T shirts will look great when worn together and will even make an amazing outdoor photoshoot backdrop.

Make sure to have something special for everyone in the custom Valentine ’s Day’s giveaways. No matter whether you get early shoppers, last minute shoppers or someone in between; you should be well prepared to cater to all types of customers.

 Need more ideas? Watch this space for our daily blog posts.