Why Water Bottles Make the Best Custom Gifts

Staying adequately hydrated  is an important part of a  healthy life style. Water bottles are something everyone needs to ensure the daily fix of water wherever they go. Popular, functional and gender neutral, water bottles will make excellent giveaways to show that you care.

Still on fence? Check out some of the features of custom water bottles that will make it an ideal promotional gift. 


An ideal business gift should be useful and something that your prospects can use time and again. Water bottles will tick these boxes with ease and will double up as a regular reminder of your brand.  It is a high utility item that your customers and business associates can use every single day.


If you want your brand to stay in the recipients’ mind for a long time choose custom promotional giveaways that are durable and timeless. Water bottles are reusable for a long time thereby helping  your recipients to have a clear idea on their daily water consumption. Moreover., your brand gets repeat impressions. Win-win

Unlike single-use plastic bottles, reusable water bottles are incredibly durable. Every time it is reused, your brand is put on an advantage. As it stays with your clients for longer period, there is a greater scope of engagement with your brand.

Fully customizable

Moreover, water bottles offer a generous imprint space and a colorful background for you to highlight your brand and message . Hence, every time your prospects carry these stylish bottles around, your brand will get hype among both existing and new audience. Further, water bottles can also be customized for sponsorships, fundraisers and charity events, because these events offer the best opportunities for your advertisement.

Environmentally friendly

Highlight your ecofriendly credentials and sustainable business branding by handing out reusable and recyclable handouts like water bottles. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of models like metal bottles, BPA free plastic bottles and more.  By handing out custom water bottles, you can also reduce  the use of single-use plastic bottles and even spread awareness on the 3-R principle of sustainability of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle among the audience.

Limitless models

Water bottles are also one among the most used daily items in office, schools, corporate events and sports activities. Thus, by putting your brand and message on these logo giveaways, you can easily make your brand part of the healthy life style of the audience.

Accessible and Affordable

Simple yet useful giveaways like sunglasses will indeed leave a long lasting impression in the minds of the audience. Available in various styles and designs that you like, water bottles will draw easy eye balls every time your recipients take it to work, play or anything in between! So, if you were under the notion that the most expensive products are invariably the most popular marketing tools, you could be in for a surprise by the promotional impact that water bottles will ensure!

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