Why Promotional Mugs Make a Smart Swag Choice

Highly functional, handy and above all fashionable, custom mugs are everywhere- be it at office, home or the car. However, have you ever wondered why everyone retains logo mugs? that Everyone finds useful these  everyday drinkware items to enjoy their favorite beverage and to carry it around in style. Imprinted mugs make consistent impressions every day, every time your recipients enjoy their cup of Java.


Everyone loves freebies and when the custom giveaways that you hand out happen to be high utility gifts like mugs, your clients have an added reason to feel happy. As they use it more often, it will end up as their favorite mug  while being a perfect reminder for your brand!

22 Oz Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

Spread the word

Custom mugs are the most effective marketing tools out there that gets used over and over again. It is only a matter of time before your brand become the hottest talking topic in the friends circles of your audience. A well designed mug will grab easy attention and your brand will get stuck in others’ minds.Think about it! Your message imprinted on these mugs get into a wider audience breaking the barriers of distance and time.

Ideal for long term marketing campaigns

Custom mugs are budget friendly, which makes it easy for marketers to incorporate these in long term promotional campaigns. Offered in a wide range of colors and interesting models like ceramic mugs, metal mugs and plastic mugs , custom mugs will ensure a diverse promotional campaign every time and pique quick interest in the minds of the audience. The best part is that by ordering in bulk, you can stock up for all the upcoming events apart from getting the best discounts.

Imprinted 12 Oz Cafe Au Lait Ceramic Mugs

Assured ROI

Custom drinkware items will cost a lot less than a traditional marketing campaign involving billboards or print ads. As these are highly functional and long lasting, tumblers will continue to make consistent impressions at one time investment. Just think of  the impressions your  branded mugs will make as scores of people will see your message – every single day.

16 Oz Sip N Style Stackable Tumblers

Versatility and practicality in equal measures

Promotional mugs are versatile  handouts that will never look out of place in any event or promotion. Your recipients too fill find a lot of innovative ways to branded mugs. No matter whether they use it as flower vases or pen holders, your brand will still remain in their plain eye sight every day.

20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

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