The Art And Science of Customizing Pens for the Best Outcome

Custom pens have always been an integral part of a budget friendly marketing plan that can work well for most businesses. Pens are everyday items at work and home. Interestingly, these are borrowed , exchanged and even re-gifted with passion! So, just think just how visible your message imprinted on these writing instruments can be.

The cost per impression for a pen in the US is approximately 1/10th of a cent, which makes it ridiculously cheaper than any other form of advertising. Ideal for mass events and long term budget  promotions, custom pens when bough in bulk will cost you next to nothing!


Light weight and easy to mail out, imprinted pens can even make a smart replacement for business cards as these will get used and every time your clients do so, your message will leave a statement in their minds. Interestingly, even in today’s digital age, the pen is still a classic must-have.

Eco Paper Barrel Pens

Enhance your marketing potential

Custom pens are available in a wide range of models right from cost effective plastic pens to combo models like stylus pens, luxury metal pens and eco-friendly wooden pens among others. Though all of these  carry out the same function, it’s amazing how different these look. Choose a pen that suits the unique needs and tastes of your target audience. For instance for events like tech trade shows, a stylus pen will make a brilliant choice. custom pens make excellent welcome back gifts for your team that are worth a serious consideration

Porto Stylus Pens

 If you  are reaching out to a high value client group, choose metal pens and executive pens that will put your brand in good stead in front of them. Novelty pens will add interest to promotional events and enhance the engagement of the audience.

The Venue Aluminum Pens

For a  creative audience group, pen and pencil set will be a perfect choice to cater to their needs of  jotting down ideas, or drawing out new concepts. Consider pens with value added features like a flashlight , a sanitizer or a stylus to make it special from being just another go-to-the-bottom-of-the-bag logo gift.

Multi-functional pens with different color options are good choices for the education sector as it helps the recipients to highlight different information and mark specific texts.

Harmony Stylus Pens with Highlighter

Easy to distribute

Promotional pens are easy to distribute. The best way is to hand these out personally at client meetings, conferences, networking events and visitors to the office to  make your interaction truly memorable. Sending custom pens by mailers is another top choice for targeted promotions It is an effective delivery method especially during holiday seasons , year- end promotions and more.

Original Bend-A-Pen with - 5 Colors

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