Why Phone Grips Are Trending as Promotional Swag

Popsockets are invariably one of the most popular mobile accessories today. Thanks to the growing population of smart phones in various sizes and shapes; there was a need for a proven way to hold the phones securely in hand even as the users go about their daily business.  That is what made phone holders a great choice.

Nobody likes dropping their phones; and these minuscule disc that sticks to the back of the phones makes a firm grip to hold on to while texting or clicking a selfie without the risk of dropping the phone.

They are Useful

Phone holders protect the screen and the costly devices from damage, and help the users to use phones safely even on the go. Smart phone when dropped in water or from high inclines will get damaged beyond repair. While protective cases do very little to prevent that from happening; pop sockets help the users to have a firm grip. It also makes it easier for the users to balance the large screen mobile phones without compromising on the utility.

Phone grips are trendy

Phone grips will add a pop of colors to the mobile phones. Plus, it will enhance the appearance of the gadgets. In addition, it is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Though PopSockets are basically round disks that attach to the back of the phone; it is available in various types and shapes. It will stick to the back of the phone with a strong and fully removable gel adhesive. These can be pulled up when in  use and shoved back after the usage.Pop grips thus ensure a tighter, more secure grip that makes the phone much easier to hold onto and much more difficult to drop.


Pop sockets even double up as media stands for phones or tablets alike; and can also be lowered to work for video chats. Easy  to remove or reposition, pop sockets are temporary accessories that can be taken off or put back as per the needs of the users. The users can even switch between various models during  different occasions to match the color theme or the mood in the air!

In addition to the original design that first took the world by storm, we also  have a models  like the Momo Stick Phone Grips  in various colors to perfectly enhance your logo or  stunning design, while users can enjoy the lightweight feel and inherent durability. No matter how you choose to go about it, PopSockets are the perfect way to create a futuristic yet upscale vibe while your brand will easily steal the show.


Phone grips are affordable and accessible products that can function as a phone stand, cord holder, and finger grip all-in-one.  Thus your message and logo will be noticed  multiple times every day. Talk about a winning idea!

Pop sockets have become as important as the mobile phone for everyone. The incredible popularity coupled with low cost advantage will make a great choice for mass events like mailer campaigns.

Highly visible

The best part of pop sockets is that your message will remain front and center every time your recipients carry their phones.

Budget friendly

Phone holders are relatively inexpensive and light weight. Thus it will make great mailer items and a great promo incentive for online marketing campaigns.

Have  a better idea to use custom phone grips as promotional giveaways? Share your ideas with us