Why most People prefer Black Umbrellas –3 good reasons

Black umbrellas are fashionably beautiful. It has a bewitching charm about it that pushes most colors into a pale shadow. Black is fashion’s favorite color and a rage in the modern world.  Probably no other color conveys as many contradictions as the color black and that is what makes it the most loved color in fashion. Black goes with everything. It is  flattering to wear black that is  officially back in fashion this season. Its popularity has only gone  from strength to strength.

Black is bold and beautiful!

Random reports show that over 60% of users prefer black or dark colored umbrellas.

These will gel well with most of their apparel colors and make them look elegant and classic. Black umbrellas never look out of place anywhere and will match the occasion subtly.

Why people prefer black umbrellas

1.Good insulation effect

A black body absorbs all radiation and radiates it in a typical spectrum called the black-body spectrum. The distribution of this spectrum is dependent on the black body’s temperature.  Darker the color of the umbrella better will be the anti-ultraviolet effect. The ultraviolet transmission of the black umbrella is 5% as against 15% – 20% for white umbrellas. The anti-UV performance of black umbrellas makes it a great choice for summer. Mini 42 Inch Arc Safety Logo Umbrellas that come with a 1 mm reflective material around the canopy and case to ensure optimum visibility even at night time is another great choice. These will tick the boxes of employee gifts and fund raising items.

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  1. Black absorbs heat.

Black umbrellas when used in rain will dry faster as it absorbs more heat from the surroundings, thereby making the rainwater evaporate faster. Telescopic Folding Automatic Umbrellas will make a great choice this season. These automatic open, nylon umbrellas make great handouts for all types of outdoor events and tradeshows.

  1. Black is an important color for humans

Black is a formal color. Be it the suits, tuxedos or ties, black is the color seen commonly in the power corridors  and  in corporate circles. It stands for solemnity, stability and elegance.  Men wearing black on formal occasions, is the most common fashion gesture in the world. Be it a formal dinner, a wedding or a board meeting, people turn up in black formals. Black is the formal color in the dress code for many occasions.  Black is the color for you even if you board the Great Hall of the People or go to the Nasdaq to ring the clock,!

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Black has become the universally accepted fashion yardstick across the world. It can be a formal symbol that not many people can resist. Statesmen and national heads are escorted in black umbrellas during outdoor events and ceremonies.

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