Trending Now in Promotional items- Custom Reusable Straws

Americans use 500 million straws every single day and if we can replace even a fraction of it with reusable straws, it will make a great change. Adding up to the landfills will be the last straw for the human race! Thankfully we are doing something to avert it in the form of reusable straws!

Trending Now - Custom Reusable Straws

The trend of reusable straws is on- It is the biggest since the fidget spinner! These clean and compact straws are for everyone who wants to rid their lives—and the Earth —of single-use plastic. It is all set to be the next big thing in promotional handouts. These hottest selling products will not just highlight your brand but will show how much you care for the planet.

With many states and towns in the process of banning single-use plastic straws, reusable straws make a healthy alternative for restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops and even  offices and homes. The community of conditioned straw users will indeed find these reusable straws a refreshing change.

Types of reusable straws

Paper straws, metal straws and silicon straws are the most popular choices to consider. Metal straws are easy to use and clean, paper straws are light weight, while silicone straws feel similar to plastic. Offered in a wide range of price rates, straws can fit into any promotional needs as well. If you need a premium look, metal straws will make a great choice. Fancy a pop of fun colors? Settle for paper straws or silicon straws- Choices are all yours!

Get your artwork, logo or message imprinted on the package to keep it right in front of the eyes of your prospects. Every time they take out or put back their straws they will get familiar with your brand! Afterall, it is the consistent exposure that turns into leads! The big plus- Reusable straws get used on the move! Just imagine the exposure your brand may be getting in public transports, hotel lobbies, camping sites and picnic spots.  People will be interested to know more about your brand every time they see these innovative and ecofriendly products that are designed to make a lasting change in this world.

Who will find it useful?

Reusable straws make a great promotional item for just about anyone. Not just for business verticals like restaurants, coffee shops, and juice bars, but any eco-conscious business entity looking for a green themed handout.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit: Mettle is in metal straws! This stainless steel option comes in various popular colors, and features a silicon tip, wire cleaning brush, and a travel case with carabiner for easy transportation.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Kit

Silicone Straw with Travel Case : Offered in a range of favorite colors, these reusable straws are packed in a round travel case for easy storage and portability. Add your logo and you’ve got a great eco friendly giveaway.

Silicone Straw In Travel Case

5 Pack Paper Straw In Pouch: Made of food grade Kraft paper  and packed in a non-woven travel pouch, these straws are safe for small kids as these do not have any sharp edges. Easily degradable, these are safe for wild life as well.

5 Pack Paper Straw In Pouch

Explore our complete line of reusable straws in our collection and choose the best.