Why Employee Wellness Programs Are Important

An employee friendly organization is not just successful but sets a great standard for others to emulate. Having a team of happy and focused employees is the best thing for any  business organization to think of.

Here are some easy wellness ideas that will offer ample scope for the employees to interact , relax and be happy while at work and even after that!

A dance break

Encourage your employees to walk in between their work routines or take a short dance break in between. It will help them to come back to work with increased zeal. Choose custom giveaways like wireless speakers that will complete the experience.

Organize a yoga video class

Most people do yoga on a regular basis in America. However,  you can organza a video tutorial for the novices to inspire them to adopt this holistic health routine. All the participating employees can be handed our interesting giveaways like yoga mats with carrying case. It will not just motivate them to continue doing yoga , but to think and talk about your organization more often.

Seasonal wellness programs

Seasons change so do wellness routines that go with it. For instance you can host a salad challenge that helps your team get their fresh greens  in the summer; whereas in winter you can think of something appropriate like a soup recipe contest for the employees that will be more season appropriate.

During winter you can even set up indoor makeshift walking tracks in the hallways or office gymnasium to help employees to have their daily work outs without having to venture out into the cold. Think of handouts like wireless headphones that will make these workouts interesting.


Organizing a team service day is another way to get the employees worked out.  Whether it is a yard cleanup for your community’s elderly or planting trees in the locality, it will instill a sense of team pride in the employees. Custom  caps or scarves will make great handouts for the employees. Apart from thanking them for the participation, it will make them stand out as well.

Encourage to walk more

Encourage  your employees to walk to their office instead of driving and take the stairs instead of elevators . It will ensure the much desired physical activity at the start of the day. Instead of  emailing or messaging an in house teammate, encourage the employees to have  a personal conversation. It will strengthen the bonding between team members and keep them in their sprightly self alike; think of appropriate handouts to make it more engaging.


Corporate holidays

In addition, you can plan a golfing holiday or camping trip for the employees and their families to promote an active life style. You can even top the day  off with a small parting gift like insulated tumbler or a printed golf umbrella among others.

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