Why Custom Flower Planters Make Perfect Promotional Gifts

Gardening is a stress busting activity and a hobby worth pursuing for anyone. Flowers and plants can add a pop of colors to the spaces and bring in a slice of nature and greenery to the modern homes overrun by digital gadgets and appliances. Flower planters are ideal promotional gifts to get your message into the hands of your audience and  highlight the ecofriendly traits of your business.


Flower pots/ planters make great gardening promotional items for all types of businesses. It will make a subtle way to get the audience engaged with  your brand as they enjoy their leisure time tending flowers and plants.

Why planter pots make popular giveaways

insufficient space

Most homes may not have a garden space to have a regular garden. With custom planter pots, shortage of space won’t stop your prospects from planting flowers or other crops and to set up a small home garden.  These planters can be placed on window sill, kitchen shelves or door steps depending on the preference. Plus, flower planters are easier to maintain and manage than regular gardens.

Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits

Interesting choices

Planter pots are available in a wide range of colors and material choices like terracotta, coco pith and  plastic among others. Add your logo and message on these garden pots to make it unique and one of its type. Your audience will surely get a lot of applause not just for a well-tended garden but these exceptional planters as well! Your brand imprinted on these logo items will get the much desired word of mouth publicity in no time.

Colorful Planter Kits

Tips to choose the best  planters


Planters are available in a wide range of  popular sizes that are ideal for small and medium sized plants .  Choosing medium sized planter will also make sure that it will fit into even a small space.


Designed to look great and last long , planters are available in various material choices that will not contaminate the soil in the planter and influence the plants’ health and growth. Terracota or coir pith pots are a great choices as these will match the decor of any space. Plus it will retain the moisture in the soil for a longer duration and keep the plants fresh and healthy.

Coco Planter Kits

  1. Price

Planters are available in a wide range of price rates, which makes it easy for marketers to choose a model that matches their needs. Custom planters are not just yet another promotional handout that will get your message across but giveaways that inspire your audience to start a new hobby  that will make them happy and healthy.

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