Welcome Back Gifts For Your Team In Every Price Rate

As most organizations are in the process of reopening and welcoming back their team to resume near normal operations, customized welcome back gifts will make a great investment for marketers.  Get your employees feel special and well appreciated with these handy custom gifts that will go a long way in soothing their frayed nerves as they make a transition to office mode of work in the days ahead.


Drinkware items

Probably one of the most popular as employee gifts, custom drinkware items offer a lot of choices in every price rate

Insulated tumblers

Make the cup of Joe of your employees as special as never before by handing out these sleek tumblers that help the team to carry their coffee on the go. Spill resistant and designed to fit most cup holders, metal tumblers are well suited for the rough and tumble of every day use. Insulated tumblers keep drink hot or cold as desired for a long time and are available in a bevy of color choices. Your logo and message imprinted on these logo items will get easy eyes as your employees commute to office or hit the beach or gym.

16 Oz Tower Vacuum Tumblers


Light weight, trendy and comfortable, gaiters are a perfect way for hybrid employees to show off their company pride while staying safe from dust, pollen and other elements. Choose from a palette of colors and prints to suit your theme and make use of the endless customization options for the best outcome.

Antimicrobial Comfort Mesh Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Mask with SILVADUR™

Wellness kits

Though the dark clouds of the pandemic scare are almost blown away,  staying safe still continues to be a norm. these wellness kits include all the basic essentials like masks, sanitizers, gloves and more in a travel friendly reusable pouch. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Everyday Advanced PPE Travel Kits

Writing instruments

Pens and pencils make a classic gifts choice for any work desk even in today’s digital world. Choose from a wide range of models, colors and price rates to suit  the preferences of your team. Stylus pens that can navigate from paper to smart screens will make a value added addition to  your team’s pen collection.

Bentlee Incline Stylus Pens

Elegant executive pens, ecofriendly wooden pens and the new normal staples of antimicrobial pens are some of the other models to consider.  Cheap as chips, plastic pens win hands down as mailer items and other mass events. Choices are all yours when you have these popular handouts that are here to stay forever!

Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens

Need more? Browse our collection of custom gifts to hand pick  gifts that will fit your bills.