What Makes Promotional Pens A Smart Investment For Marketers

Looking for a popular giveaway for your upcoming corporate event or trade show? Promotional pens could make a great choice. Budget friendly, easy to hand out in person or mail out and above all highly practical, custom pens make consistent impressions at one time investment. Plus, your brand will remain in plain view of your audience as long as these writing instruments work!


Surveys show that most marketers and consumers have a branded pen on their desk or at home. A handy promo gift for a majority of users, custom pens make a smart investment for sure. Plus these are available in various models right from plastic pens to metal and even recycled pens to suit your specific needs. If you still think what makes these ubiquitous items of promotional pens incredibly effective, take a closer look at some of its unbeatable benefits that are so glaringly visible.

Jackson Sleek Write Plastic Pens

The Winning card of Promotional Pens

High visibility is indeed the winning card of logo pens. Anything imprinted on these custom giveaways will stay in plain view of not just your recipients but everyone around! More the people see your name the better it is for your brand.  Every day items like branded pens will embed your company logo on top of the minds of your audience and make an emotional connection that will draw them closer to your business.

Custom Printed Pen With LED Lights

The best ways to Give out Promotional Pens

Pens have the added advantage of being lightweight and portable, which makes it easy for the marketers to distribute it in the most ideal business environments.

Trade Shows: Reach out to a mass audience on a budget with custom pens and enhance your brand visibility. Just think of the exposure your brand will get in the days ahead as you send home the attendees with these trendy pens embellished with your logo!

Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens

Your Office: Custom pens make ideal handouts to employees as well. Turn your team into your best brand ambassadors and enhance their brand loyalty with these wonderful giveaways. They will indeed be proud to show off these exceptional pens in their social circles, which in turn will make your brand the happening banter topic!

Versatile 4 in 1 Ballpoint Pens

Client Meetings: Handout custom branded pens to the clients after the meeting as a reminder of the event and a goodwill gesture. It will surely pay off in the days ahead as it will inspire them to get back to your business more often.

Venetian Metal Pens

Community Events: Give something back to the community and make your brand part of the life style of your recipients with custom pens. The audience will notice your brand instantly and remember it long term The best part is that you can leave a long lasting effect without being intrusive by handing out these popular gifts that are hard to resist!

Lattice Grip Stylus Pens

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