What Makes Old Fashioned Handouts A Rage In A Modern World!

At a time when people are secluded at homes, they are likely to be more nostalgic. Travelling back in time will help us reconnect with our roots and even ease anxiety. Add a vintage twist to your promotions with these classic promotional products. It is a fun way to bring back positive memories for your customers and clients.


Here are some budget friendly handouts with vintage vibes


Custom keychains are perfect for highlighting company’s logo and message.  Being cost effective, these are great for promotions on a budget. The best part is that these are simply great for everything from travel promotions to wedding events and more.

Oval Shaped Flashlight Keychains

Throwback Tin Lunch Boxes

Remember the clattering classic tin lunch boxes that were part of our school days. Customize these with your artwork, promotional message and more to make it interesting. Throw back tin lunch boxes make an interesting way to package gifts, beauty supplies and more.

Custom Printed Throwback Tin Lunch Boxes

 Rubber Ducks

We all have grown up with these classic yellow rubber ducks; these were fun toys, bath time buddies, beach bag items and more. These will add a retro twist to your promotions and will make a great handout for the tech fatigued audience that may be looking for something different!
 Imprinted Rubber Ducks Chattering Teeth Wind Up Toys

This fun toy is a favorite collector’s item that has made generations smile! Chattering teeth toys  are especially good  giveaways for promoting oral health for dentists and smile clinics. It can even be used in Halloween promotions to enhance the eerie fun element!

Custom Printed Chattering Teeth Toys

Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are a simple yet effective way to teach the basics of savings to kids and remind the adults of its importance in life. These are available in various models and colors today. However, nothing can beat the charm of the pink, plastic piggy banks that have been in every home since a long time.

Printed Jumbo Piggy Banks - Pink

Playing Cards

Remind your recipients about these old fashioned entertainment when Netflix movies or angry bird game were not available. Perfect for friends or family,  playing cards make an interesting option for  the new generation audience. Customize these with your brand and message to stay in plain view.

Playing Cards in Plastic Case

Cotton Totes

Cotton tote bags are back in style.  These ecofriendly totes were once commonly used by our wise ancestors for their daily toting needs. Promote your brand with these nature friendly totes that are great giveaways for retail stores, schools, sports teams and more.

Promotional Nevada Cotton Tote Bags


Wooden pencils in a wide range of colors used to be a matter of pride for yester-year kids. Now the trend is back. Kids sharpen their pencils more often just to see the intricate pencil shavings that come out of the sharpeners! Custom wooden pencils will make a great and budget friendly handout for schools, accountants firms and architects among others.  Get your logo and message imprinted on these writing instruments to make it a well retained handout.

Recycled Mood Pencil with Erasers

We have a lot more. Browse along and choose a model that matches your theme