Custom Teacher’s Survival Kit- Great Handouts To Show That You Care

Back to school events are nothing like in the past. But that hasn’t changed the role of teachers and the challenges they face every day as they try to finish the lessons online and take on dozens of children sitting at various remote locations. Each day may seem like an assault course for teachers!  Schools , universities and educational institutions can consider custom teachers gifts and class room kits that will make their busy lives easier.


 Here are some of the items that can be included in the teachers gift kits.


Class room supplies are the most essential items for teachers. Whether it is marker pens, sticky notes, pens, pencils, notepads or clips, Stationery items will go a long way in making their class room sessions interesting and hassle free.

White Board Marker with Eraser

Teachers may also need erasers and paper towels to wipe off and make corrections on student’s books or on blackboards. Your logo and message imprinted on these logo items will get a lot of attention in their social circles as well.

Custom Printed Circle Shaped Die Cut Erasers

Desk calendars or school calendar magnets  will help teachers to track class activities easily and to stick to the schedules.

Printed School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

PPE items

In the new normal world, every teacher may need hand sanitizers and facemasks to stay safe from infections. When dealing with spills and bodily fluids, disinfectant wet wipes will come handy.  You can also throw some gloves in the teacher’s kit.

 Flat Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket


Teachers need more energy than most others! Trail and fruit mix, coffee and cocoa packets etc are great handouts to consider. These will ensure a quick burst of energy and will take the teachers through long class hours with ease.

Jenny Billboard Cello Bags Filled with Trail Mix


An insulated metal tumbler for their favorite drink or  energy drinks make  excellent items in the survival kit of teachers in the new school year. It will help them

Wolverine Vacuum Sealed Tumbler

Personal care items

Teachers start early and often have to appear for School events, sports events or parent meetings. They may often get a only a short time to freshen up and a comprehensive cosmetic bag will make it easy for them to stay presentable and pleasant even as they juggle various activities. Hand mirrors, nail clippers, lip balm, sunscreen, travel toothbrush, mints etc are some of the handouts that can get them through the day.

First aid kit

You can create a first aid kit with band aids and anti rash creams for any emergencies during outdoor sports events or cuts and scrapes during class room projects and presentations. It will be useful for the students as well.

Imprinted On the Go First Aid Kits

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