What Makes Drawstring Bags Perfect School Bags- Must read

Drawstring bags may not ring a bell in your mind as a possible choice for school bags. However, there is a distinct advantage for drawstring backpacks that make them worth considering. Take a look at some of these often overlooked benefits that these simple bags have in their genes!

Drawstring 2


Kids can be reckless with their school bags. So, you need a bag that can put up with their tantrums and rough handling both on and off their class hours. Drawstring bags make a great choice. Durable and made to last long and look good, these bags will make the best school time companions for  kids.


Children often insist on getting their school bags changed every year much to the displeasure of parents. School bags do not come cheap as well.  But when you have drawstring bags, you can afford to buy more than one bag for a school year or a fresh bag every year thanks to the low price advantage. Kids are happy so are the parents. Businesses planning a back to school campaign can consider drawstring bags as their swag to impress the family audience.

Polypropylene Drawstring Cinch Backpacks

Easy to access

While backpacks have zippers and clips, which could be difficult for the little ones to manage, Drawstring bags have a quicker accessibility.  Kids can literally toss their stuff inside at the end of the class before they run out to have some fun with their friends!  Simplicity of these bags is something that everyone  will find irresistible. Drawstring Backpack has a  simple yet clever design that keeps the bag closed or open with a simple pull of the strings.  The best part , kids can use it as sports day bags, camping bags or sleep over bags during weekends. One bag – different uses!

Multi- purpose bags

Any backpack’s primary attribute is its functionality. Drawstring bags are best for quick packing when heading to the beach, road trips or the gym. It makes it more versatile than a conventional backpack.

Light weight and handy

These bags are light weight and easy to carry for the kids. Kids can enjoy the ultimate hands free convenience without being burdened by a heavy load over their tiny shoulders. Smaller than a regular zipper backpack, it will easily fit in a school locker  or under a desk or  the seat on the school bus.

Easy to maintain

Kids can be messy at times and often hate the idea of regular brushing and wiping of their school bags. Drawstring bags are low on maintenance and will fit well into the chaos of the kid’s world.

The drawstring backpack is definitely for kids on the go who need a bag that packs quickly! Explore our comprehensive collection of stylish drawstring backpacks to find a bag that suits your budget and make your back to school promotions the best so far!