What Makes Benzalkonium Chloride Custom Wet Wipes Different?

Post Covid-19, sanitizing gels and wet wipes have been flying off the shelves like crazy as people continue to make a mad scramble for these personal wellness items. Antibacterial wipes have been effective in keeping the risk of contamination under check. For businesses, custom wet wipes have become one of the popular giveaways for their employees and clients as well.


In this post, we feature wet wipes that contain Benzalkonium chloride, or BZK that doesn’t sting like alcohol and is effective against microorganisms.

Check out these Custom Printed Antibacterial Wet Wipe Packets that contains 10 Wipes that are light citrus scented. Its active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride and is not an alcohol sanitizer. These antibacterial wet wipes are great for wiping surfaces/ work desks, a quick spell of hand cleaning and more. You can have a full-color imprint of your logo and branding on the pouch to get all eyes on it.

These alcohol free, non-sting, hygienic wet wipes are useful to disinfect skin, work desks, minor wound care and in maternity care among others. BZK wipes make great sanitizing options for your clients and customers and show how  important is their wellness to you. Safe and effective to stay germ free, custom wet wipes make great giveaways during health tradeshows, store promotions, mailer campaigns and more.

Custom Printed Antibacterial Wet Wipe Packets


Benzalkonium Chloride, or BZK was invented by German Nobel Laureate in 1935. It is popular  for its disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Today BZK is FDA-approved ingredient that is commonly used in disinfecting solutions and first-aid.


When you apply BZK on a skin abrasion or scrape, it doesn’t sting like alcohol; which makes it a popular disinfectant. Free of volatile organic compounds and NSF- safety certified, BZK products are also useful in restaurants and food processing. As it won’t cause dryness to human skin, it is also useful in moisturizing formulas.

Antimicrobial properties

Moreover, BZK is an effective anti-microbial disinfectant and is effective against various strains of bacteria and other microbes. Some of these products even leave a longer-lasting antibacterial effect than similar alcohol-based products. Whether you  use it as stand- alone giveaways or as PPE kit items, these wet wipes will  get your recipients talk  about your brand, every time they enjoy a gentle wipe.

Health and wellness products are likely to remain one of the most popular promotional items post Covid as well. At a time when people have understood the importance of personal hygiene, these handy items are going to be a part of their everyday life style.

How do you plan to use these wellness products in your marketing mix?