What is Trending in Orientation Week Custom Giveaways

Orientation week is the most anticipated week for any university student. It is the time where new students get a chance to make new friends and get a feel of university life before starting lectures. From shared dorms to vodka jelly and mixed emotions spilled all over, the beginning of university can indeed be momentous for the students and teachers alike.


Universities have their chance to showcase all the exciting events they have planned throughout the year and make the students feel at ease. Custom giveaways can be planned for specific events throughout the year at university.

Here are some popular giveaways that will make college lives easier for the students while keeping your logo on top of their minds

Custom Backpacks
Custom Backpacks are a perfect promotional giveaway for college students that will help them stay organized with their class room staples and books. Get the college tagline, anthem and mascot imprinted on these to make it a walking talking billboard for your institution. Choose from a wide range of models including computer backpacks that safeguard their tech gadgets and make traveling around campus to different classes easier.

 High Sierra® Swerve Computer Backpacks


Notebooks are class room staples that every student may need in the new college year. It will help the students to be always well prepared  when they have  to write down notes and schedules. Even though these might be the most basic of giveaways, notebooks are one of the most popular because nobody can resist an extra notebook!

Imprinted Vis-A-Folios


Custom Lanyards in your corporate color that are imprinted with your logo and message will enhance the professional look of the students and make them feel valued and part of the  institution. It is a handy way for the  students to keep track of their keys and ID cards. Functional, budget-friendly and above all, well retained, lanyards not just get used during the academic year but end up as college souvenirs after the university in the collection of the students.

Lanyard with Flat Panel

Flash Drives 

Lighten the loads that students have to carry by handing out portable flash drives that can be used to store and carry their schoolwork, reports, and presentations. Choose from various models and capacities to suit the needs of the students. Your logo imprinted on these tech accessories will remain tight in plain view of the students all the time!

16 GB Oval Shape USB 2.0 Flash Drives


Let the students’ show their school spirit proudly both on and off-campus. A favorite giveaway, during orientation week, custom T shirts are easy to design and to get all eyes on your logo during career fairs and inter college events.

Women's Omi Short Sleeve Tech Tee

Need more gift ideas? Watch this space for our daily blog posts to stay on top of the trends.