Custom Giveaways For Fitness Centers- Must Read

The market size of the global fitness and health club industry has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. Some of the largest health clubs worldwide in terms of revenue include LA Fitness, which generated revenue exceeding two billion U.S. dollars in 2018.  It is interesting to note that most fitness centers use branded merchandise to promote their services among new clients.


Marketers can think of countless interesting ways to incorporate these custom promotional items in their marketing plan to engage the audience and draw them closer to their message. Here are some unique ways to use logo items in your branding.

As fitness challenge giveaways

Introduce a fitness challenge for new members; those who beat their personal best can be handed out custom giveaways that align with your business. It will be a great source of motivation for the new members to stick to their fitness schedules without fail.

Studies have shown than most members tend to discontinue their fitness classes in the first 2-3 weeks itself. Choose interesting handouts like exercise bands, pedometers and the like to inspire your clients to accept the challenge and go that extra mile- literally!

Printed Exercise Bands

 Warm-up sessions

Ideally , all workouts start with a warm-up. Custom stress balls will make a great addition to your swag as these will help the clients to warm up before the beginning of the sessions and make them feel at ease both mentally and physically.

So, if you’re looking for giveaways to de-stress your clients before their workout then look no further than custom stress balls. Plus these make an ideal work desk accessory that can help them get over workplace tensions as well. Your logo and message imprinted on these will make a subtle reminder for your clients to hit the  gym while keeping your message in their plain eye sight.

Basketball Stress Reliever Balls

Workout gym giveaways

Cooling towels 

Cooling towels will make a perfect handout as your clients may need a refreshing swipe after all those sweat breaking activities and work outs. Cooling towels absorb sweat and leave the skin cool and refreshed even on a scalding summer day. Choose from a wide range of trendy colors to match your theme. These versatile accessories can even be used as wrist bands or even a hair tie to keep the mop on top in place during the workout.  needless to say, your brand imprinted on these towels will get all eyes on it!

Very Kool Cooling Towels

Branded gym clothing

 Gym clothes are essential for your workouts. Choose comfortable, absorbent cotton apparels that will keep the clients dry and fresh even whilst breaking a sweat. Promotional t-shirts  make great, useful gym giveaways that will also show off your brand not just in the fitness centers but outdoors as well. Branded apparels for men and women are perfect for increasing brand exposure and brand popularity.

Gildan® Adult Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirts

Promotional Protein Shakers

Fitness fanatics like their protein shakes and that is why imprinted protein shakers make  a perfect gift choice.  It makes a handy way for them to have their energy boosters while your brand stays at the forefront of their minds. Available in a wide range of attractive models, you can choose an appropriate line that will match your promotional theme.

24 Oz Cool Gear® Protein Shaker Bottles

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