What Custom Outdoor Giveaways Can Do for Your Brand

The great outdoors may still be waiting for the buzzing crowd this year in the event of the pandemic crisis. But as the situation is likely to change for the better in the days ahead, more people may come up with their outdoor travel plans and holiday ideas.


Promotional outdoor gear makes a great giveaway for all types of business verticals and not necessarily camping sites or  leisure activity providers. The best part is that your message and logo imprinted on these outdoor staples will get a lot of attention and portability all round the year even after the outdoor holiday seasons winds up.

Apart from brand promotion, here are some unexpected things that your custom handouts can ensure for your business.

  1. Highlight Your Organization’s Values

Flashlights make everyone feel safe and secure. By handing out a customized flashlight your business can convey the message that you care for the safety and well being of your prospects. Flashlights come handy all the time and make a must have item in the emergency kit at home or office. Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these logo items will get during its shelf life.

Printed Stubby Aluminum LED Flashlights

Choose from a wide range of models that range from solar flashlights to pint sized  flashlight keychains and everything in between. A trendy, branded flashlight will make a great talking topic among your audience as well. People will surely be impressed by the business that hand out value added gifts like flashlights and will be curious to know more about you. Your recipients will develop a feeling of reciprocity  towards your brand and will be happy to patronize your business in return for your thoughtful gesture.

Imprinted 3 LED Solar Flashlights

2.Generate Brand familiarity

Outdoor promotional items like picnic blankets, insulated water bottles or beach balls will all remain in plain view of the  world outside at all times. Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get. Surveys show that nearly six-in-10 global respondents prefer brands that are familiar to them. Promotional giveaways will make strong brand reminders that make your prospects familiar with your brand consistently.

Printed Luster Tone Beach Balls

Brands do matter to consumers and they are more willing to pay for a brand name product that they trust.   By using logo products from reputed brands like High Sierra, you can build trust in the minds of your audience. Non-Woven Sierra Cooler Bags make a great outdoor staple that will put your brand on a wide display infront of the holiday crowd. High Sierra® Tahoe Binoculars is another interesting giveaway to engage your audience with your brand.

Non-Woven Sierra Cooler Bags

  1. Create Happy Holiday Memories

Recreational activities create happy memories and help your recipients stay upbeat and stress free. Whether your recipients are up for a spell of adrenalin fueled activities or just want to enjoy their sundowners by the beach, custom products will make your brand part of their holiday experience and lifestyle.

Choose high utility items like custom travel tumblers that are built to last for a long time and carry the memories of past uses with them. Can there be anything better for a brand than to be associated with some of your customers’ favorite memories?

Backpacks like Thule® EnRoute Strut Daypack   are great for both everyday use and travel. These versatile bags are useful for toting computers to work, carrying supplies on outdoor adventures or hikes and other toting needs on an outdoor holiday.

Thule® EnRoute Strut Daypack

High Sierra Camping Chairs will ensure high visibility for your logo at campfires or game events. Lightweight and easy to carry, these folding chairs with beverage holders will allow customers to unwind and relax while your logo enjoys a wide display.

High Sierra® Deluxe Camping Folding Chairs

4 Make Consistent Brand Impressions

Promotional products that can be used at home, office or on the move will create a lot of consistent impressions. These hold great advertising potential because of the distance these can travel. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get every time your recipients are walking, travelling on subway, watching a game or waiting at the airport lounge.  In these high traffic environments, your logo gets thousands of impressions every minute, every hour, every day! Exploit the high visibility and portability of your logo items to stand out and make new leads.

We can help you find the perfect  outdoor promotional products that align with your brand. Browse our complete line of custom products and choose items that will do magic to your outdoor  brand visibility. Get started right away!