May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month- Plan your promotions

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM) is observed all over the world to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for employees through worksite health promotion activities. It is a perfect time for organizations to come up with strategies to help their employees lead healthy lifestyles. Let’s be frank about it, employers, whether knowingly or otherwise have a significant influence on their employee’s life styles and habits.


This year the importance of Global Employee Health & Fitness Month is higher than ever before because of the Covid pandemic and greater awareness on the importance of being healthy.  So, make a collective effort in instilling positive health habits in employees, which can impact the organization a whole.

A healthy team is happier, energetic and more productive. Employees that adopt healthy diet and wellness regimens are 25% more likely to have higher job performance. Organizations with healthy employees on its rolls have to deal with only less absenteeism and have higher employee performance.

Businesses can thus save money on healthcare and insurance costs and use the healthy workplace motto as recruiting tools. Among healthy workers, absenteeism was 27% lower and performance was 11% higher than the rest of the team. Businesses can encourage their employees to lead healthy lifestyles.

Here are 11 top tips that can be adopted during the forthcoming GEHFM to promote a higher level of wellness and productivity among your employees.

1.Host an outdoor corporate picnic or golf weekend to encourage the team to be at their active best. Plan some team building activities and games to help them increase their fitness benchmark.

2.Offer group discounts for local gyms and workout facilities to make it easy for your team to attend fitness classes without fail.

3.Bring in a nutritionist to talk about healthy eating, which will enable your team to choose healthy food stuff and include more organic vegetables and fruits in their diet.

4.Encourage your employees to walk down to office if they are not living  far away. Custom pedometers and cooling towels will all make useful handouts to inspire and encourage them to make more steps and burn more calories while your brand imprinted on it will get a lot of attention.Branded water bottles make another useful giveaway to encourage the recipients to stay hydrated at work or on the move.

Widescreen Walker Pedometers5.Hand outs like Frisbees , beach balls and jump ropes will make easy and budget friendly way to remain  active. Your recipients will love the nostalgic charm of their childhood toys that can be used  easily during leisure hours. 16 Inch Customized Beach Balls6.Meetings can be taken outdoors from boardrooms where the participants can take a stroll in the lobby or garden while discussing points on the agenda instead of remaining slumped on the chair for many hours.

7.Share a list of great places to hike or get outside in the area surrounding your office to inspire your employees to find time to pursue hobbies- after work.

8.Stock your breakroom with healthy snacks and add a juicer to your breakroom to ensure a healthy diet.

9.Educate employees on the importance of staying home when they are sick. Social distancing has been the trump card against the battle of Covid- 19 too. Awareness magnets that help employees to remember safety tips to stay safe can be a great handout during the current pandemic times.

10.Offer programs or incentives to help employees quit smoking.

11.Host meditation or yoga class to teach employees to manage stress with simple breathing techniques and keep both their body and mind healthy

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