What Are The Best Promotional Gifts For The National Diabetes Month In November?

The National Diabetes Month in America is observed every November. It makes a great time for people to come together to prevent Diabetes and ensure a healthy life for everyone by spreading awareness of this disease.

Untitled design (4)Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. The fact that over 30 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes and another 86 million are prediabetic highlights the gravity of the situation.

However by raising awareness, eating healthy and losing weight the risk of type- 2 diabetes can be reduced by more than half. Celebrate this month by handing out custom promotional wellness gifts that encourage your patrons to make healthy changes in their life style.

Community events like walkathons and community runs or awareness campaigns make perfect occasions to highlight about the risks of diabetes and to engage the community with your message.

9 inch custom printed crystal balloons

How to spread the word?

Here are some promotional gift ideas that will help you to promote a healthy life style.

  • Custom fitness items like pedometers, yoga mats, jump ropes and the like make perfect call to action gift ideas. Hand out these logo imprinted gifts during health events, tradeshows or awareness campaigns to popularize national diabetes month during your brand promotion. ProImprint has a range of exercise products that will pack a punch to your branding campaign. Shop today and avail some of the best offers and deals that cannot be matched by many others.
  • Portfolios and notebooks: Make sure that your patrons do not miss out doctor’s appointments and health check-ups by handing out these useful promotional items. Every time they go through the medical schedules your logo will get their attention
  • Stress balls: Soft and squeezable stress relievers are well suited for health fairs, podiatrists and tradeshows among others.
  • Ribbon shaped magnets: Enhance awareness of your clients about diabetes by handing out these ribbon shaped fridge or car magnets and give your cause the well desired exposure and portability
  • Mailer campaigns: Add useful information about preventing type-2 diabetes in your November newsletter and mailers.
  • Tradeshow balloons: Imprint diabetes information on these massive and attractively colored balloons that will make sure that the message is as visible as your business logo!
  • Custom Imprinted Better Books: Child Health Organizer: Did you know that nearly 24 million children and adults are in the United States have diabetes? So, make sure to raise awareness among your tiny patrons with these child health organizers during the national diabetes month.

Education and awareness can prevent diabetes to a large extent. So, join hands with this social movement by handing out logo diabetes awareness products that will remind your customers about the prevention tips, healthy diet and life style changes that will keep them hale and hearty always. Choose from a range of custom products from ProImprint to make your business promotions in November truly special and meaningful.

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