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Nothing says Halloween than a few good scares, the best haunted houses and spooky shows! Halloween is not just downright scary but a perfect season to explore the best things to do this fall and to set out on an interesting trick and treat partying. For marketers, Halloween is a great time to spread their message and be part of the fun and festivities of the target audience.


When the world outside is going on a Halloween shopping spree how can we at ProImprint be any less hyped. We have stocked up some of the best and the latest Halloween gifts and glow in the dark items that will make perfect corporate gifts and promotional items alike. Here we go, with a quick listing of some of the glow in the dark items that you will find really interesting.

5 Inch Promotional Glowing Swizzle Sticks: Available in Green, Blue, Red, Pink and Orange, these glowing swizzle sticks will add loads of fun and glitter to the night parties. These glow sticks will light up the happy hours of your recipients as they stir up to build up froth in their still drinks or take the fizz out of sparkling ones. These logo items will make great hand outs to promote dinner nights, bars, restaurants and night clubs planning Halloween themed events and nights.5 Inch Promotional Glowing Swizzle Sticks

8 Inch Ultra High Quality Glow Bracelets: Light up the dance floors, trick and treat nights and Halloween costume parties with these glow bracelets that are available in red white and blue and red green and blue combinations. Your recipients will love to use these plastic bracelets (that appear colorless before activation) to leave their friends surprised. These can be used as accessories for costume parties or themed events even after the Halloween trick and treat parties.8 Inch Promotional Logo Ultra High Quality Glow Bracelets

Glow Straws and Bracelets: These make great handouts to promote bars, music clubs and restaurants as your recipients will love to don their favorite colors on these glow in the dark bracelets to make an imposing fashion statement while the glow straws light up every time they sip the beverage. You can even plan a haunted house theme for your bar to drive up the spooky fun at night. Scare the day light out of the unsuspecting customers by switching off the lights and let the glow straws light up!9 Inch Custom Imprinted Glow Straws and Bracelets

Premium Glow Sticks These 4” Color Glow Sticks will leave everyone surprised with its glow on activation as these will look like colorless and plain prior to activation. Available in 9 spectacular dazzling colors, these glow sticks will put both your brand and the Halloween fun well hoisted. These can be handed out as gift items for trick or treaters or as gift bag items.4 Inch Custom Printed Premium Glow Sticks

32 Oz Custom Imprinted Glow Casino Stadium Cups: Make the Halloween parties and cook outs a run-away hit with these glow in the dark stadium cups. Every time your recipients enjoy their favorite beverage in these glow cups, they will light up the spooky night and leave the onlookers baffled!32 Oz Custom Imprinted Glow Casino Stadium Cups

Assorted Neon Glow Glasses: Just imagine the fun your recipients will have when they don these neon glow sunglasses and set out on to a dark alley way on Halloween night! Whoever comes across them will surely run for cover and your recipients will have a lot to laugh their lungs out this Halloween. Available in assorted colors, these are great for Halloween gift bag items and as costume party items. Great for promoting night clubs, Halloween themed events and bars. Shop right away!Custom Printed Assorted Neon Glow Glasses

3 Inch Promotional Logo Glow Circle Badges: These glow badges can be fixed on lanyards or at apparels double up as jewelry and a fashion item that people will retain for years together! Available in 4 attractive colors, these eye-catching items are show stoppers of great value. These will be perfect promotional items for bars and restaurants planning a Halloween themed night. Your guests will surely be perplexed to see just the badges on the uniforms of the waiters glow as they take the orders!3 Inch Promotional Logo Glow Circle Badges

2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses: Make the sparkling wine that you serve look more appetizing and brilliant in these spectacular glow shot glasses. Be it as a party favor or a custom gift to promote bars, restaurants or beer gardens, these logo items will surely turn a few heads! Choose glasses in your corporate color to make an added impact and to make your Halloween promotions a cut above the rest.Custom Imprinted 2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses

10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses: Light up Margarita Glasses are real show-stoppers in party circuits! These are perfect for night concerts, birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day, backyard parties and for promoting bars and night clubs. These glow cups will keep up the party mood for a very long time after the sun goes down! Green 10 Ounce Glow Margarita Glasses appear opaque White until activated by cracking the ampule within the stem.Custom Printed 10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses

Glow-In-The-Dark Earbuds with Case: Having the spookiest Halloween costume ideas in place and having a menu full of items that look like eyeballs or intestines will only make half your job done in planning a perfect Halloween party. You also need the best horror films and the spookiest playlist of the best Halloween songs for your shindig. These glow-in-the-dark earbuds will make the ghoulish music morecreepy to the ears of your recipients to complement the Halloween theme.Custom Imprinted Glow-In-The-Dark Earbuds with Case

60 Inch White Scarf with Multi-Color LED: These multicolor LED scarf will keep the recipients stay safe at night during trick and treat parties and Halloween pranks. These make fabulous party favors, holiday gifts and promotional items for bars, fashion brands and restaurants among others.60 Inch White Scarf with Multi-Color LED

We have a lot more in the glow in the dark product list and in a few clicks you can choose the ones that match your theme. Should you need any tips or assistance, we are only a call away!

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