Welcome Back the Travel Season with Holiday Themed Custom Giveaways

Travel season is back with a bang this summer and that makes a great time for people to plan their family vacations, cruise holidays, corporate holidays and more. Travel and outdoor themed giveaways can be effectively incorporated into the promotional plans of every business niche and not necessarily event planners and travel and tourism service providers.

Get inspired with some of these custom gifts that may match your holiday theme.


To promote Cruise holidays

Summer cruises are likely to be back this year, which means it is a great time to promote your cruise packages. Here are some of the custom giveaways that can be considered to engage your audience, enhance the holiday mood and to promote your brand .

Sunglasses: Budget friendly yet stylish, custom sunglasses make a pedigree promotional item that is hard to overlook during summer events. UV resistant sunglasses that protect the eyes from UV risk is a perfect choice to consider. Polarized sunglasses that will reduce the glare , enhance color clarity and depth of vision while on water is another popular gift idea. Get your logo and message imprinted on these accessories to make it a portable billboard for your business.

Metallic Colored Oahu Sunglasses

T shirts: Available in tons of styles, colors and price rates, you can easily choose custom T shirts  that will fit your budget. Choose apparels in your corporate color, customize it with your art, taglines or even cruise ports to make it a visually appealing promotional giveaway that is hard to miss.

Men's Bodie Short Sleeve Tee

For beach resorts

During summer, all roads lead to beach resorts that will be teeming with tourists and fun seekers. promote the special summer deals, spread the word about your special signature dishes or anything else that you wish to convey to the tourists with appropriate custom giveaways.

Hats: Enhance the outdoor fashion style while keeping the users safe from sun with custom hats. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, these trendy accessories will keep your message front and center of your audience and the world outside.

Flat Bill Snapback Caps

Cooling towels:  Offer respite from the stinging sun with custom cooling towels that will leave the users refreshed while putting your brand on a wide display. Choose from various models including compressed towels,  full color dye sublimated towels and a lot more.

Lightweight Cooling Sport Towels

For Amusement parks

Amusement parks are likely to be as busy as these were before the pandemic! A favorite spot for the family audience, amusement parks make a great place for marketers to get their brand noticed. Here ares some handouts that make a great investment during branding campaigns

Bandanas: What’s more fun than spotting these colorful branded bandanas at amusement parks? Get Custom bandanas in lively colors imprinted with your brand and message will make your prospects stand out in the crowd! Choose from a variety of styles to match the needs of the family audience.

Logo 30x15 Inch Very Kool Cooling Bandanas

Fanny packs: Let your audience travel hands-free while keeping their necessary items safe by handing out custom fanny packs. Offered in a wide range of models, these running belts will make regular appearance during game days, concerts, beach fun and more. Your brand is all set to get repeat exposure at one time investment on these popular handouts!

 Basics Fanny Packs

Explore our travel themed giveaways that will match every business niche with ease to amke your travel season campaign a success.