Help Your Employees Beat Stress With Desk Top Garden Giveaways 

The robotic work spaces and automated homes have all taken humans away from nature. Desk top gardens have evolved to be a new trend in offices all over the world. Apart from bringing in a slice of nature  to the work desks,  it will leave the employees relaxed and happy as well. Plants reduce stress, give out oxygen and make people around healthy and happy. Studies show that indoor plants can help reduce stress levels in work environments and can even enhance productivity among the employees.

Stylish workspace with computer on home or studio

Stressed at work?

Enhance the ambiance of the work stations and perk up the mood of your team members with your very own branded desktop garden giveaways. Get your logo and message imprinted on these to make your brand bloom in the minds  of your clients and employees.

Custom Imprinted Coco Planter Kits

Desktop gardens make it easier to enjoy all the psychological benefits of gardening- though in a mini scale and without even getting the  hands dirty! Work desk plants are low on maintenance and have incredible mood boosting effects. Plus it can thrive in low sunlight and do not need regular watering as well.

Flower Seeded Multicolor Paper Confetti Packets

More and more businesses are recognizing that green offices can indeed be beneficial in boosting productivity and mental well being of the employees. Tactfully placed office plants can drastically beautify the office settings and bring in a pop of colors to the automated office spaces making it visually pleasing.

Grab these planters and seed packets to grow a garden  on your work desks, window sills or in those little bare spaces around to ensure a visual stimulant. Plants can make a  world of difference to your mood and the stress of the fast paced office life!  Desktop garden is a great way for everyone to find their  inner peace and Zen even in the middle of the ruckus around !

 Printed Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits

Whether it is coco planters , colorful plastic planters or terracotta planters, these will look good and match with any décor theme of your office. Choose from a wide range of flower seeds  to grow a garden that you fancy right on the work desks. These desk friendly office plants are easy to maintain, which makes it ideal for the busy schedules.

Colorful Planter Kits

Have a better idea on work desk gardens and custom giveaways that will inspire  your employees to tend to a small garden even while at work? Share your thoughts with us on our instagram page to join an interesting conversation.