Welcome Back Gifts And Personal Care Items For Employees Returning To Office

Welcome back gifts are the best options to celebrate the return of your remote team back to office. Show how much your employees are valued for all the contributions they have made even when the going was tough and staying locked down hard.


Show your appreciation as they drop in by the door and usher them back to the normal office routines with these thoughtful gifts.

What can be the likely custom gifts in your employee’s wish list?

There has been a lot of life style changes among everyone including your team members in the last few days. So, choose something that they will find relevant in the new normal world which is only a pale shadow of the life style they have been following all their life!

Priorities of your team as they return To Work

Here is a quick list of some of the priorities of your employees as they get back to work

Personal Safety 

Though the Covid curve has been flattened and the situation is back to normal, threat is still out there. Make them feel reassured about the safety and hygiene of the workplace. Handouts like facemasks, hand sanitizers and wet wipes that cater to that will be highly appreciated.

Welcome-Back PPE Kits: As personal well being is of top most importance and you can hand out PPE kits to greet your team and make them feel reassured about the safety aspects as they get back to work. Our PPE kits include everything that your team may need to stay safe including gloves, sanitizers, masks and much more.

Printed PPE Value Kit


After spending months together cooped up in their homes, your crew deserves a fun outing.  Whether it is a golf weekend, a day out in the beach or a camping day, no matter how they wish to go about, it will be a well deserved break for your team. Custom handouts like beach balls, can coolers, Frisbees, sunglasses etc will fit well into fun themed holidays that you have in mind. Customize it to make it special!

The future

Most employees will be anxious about their job security and future as many businesses have been hit really hard. A pat on their back and a thoughtful gift will go a long way in putting them at ease and show that their contributions are highly valued by your organization.

Wish to set your own Welcome Back Kits?

Wish to put together unique welcome back packages for your employees? You can include any of the following items to make it special while staying within your budget. Make your employees coming back to office happy and excited with these appropriate gifts that will take off anxiety and help them get some form of normalcy once again.

Antigerm utility tools: The latest innovation in personal care items, these smart tools will double up as a keychain along with a utility tool that can be used to open doors, push elevator buttons etc and help them to avoid dirty touch points in public places. Your logo and message laser engraved on these will get a lot of attention beyond the office as well!

Anti Germ Utility Tool with Stylus

Antibacterial pens: While normal pens could be a breeding ground of germs as they change hands and get used among different people, these antibacterial pens will keep your employees safe from germs as they get on with their office works

iProtect® Antibacterial Ballpoint Pens

Custom water bottles: Staying hydrated will go a long way in remaining healthy and reducing stress. Choose from a wide range of options including Insulated water bottles, sports bottles and fruit infusers among others.

Wish to go a step forward by offering your team a steady stream of music along with their beverages? 17 Oz Stainless Steel Rumble Bottle with Speakers will keep your employees chilled literally as these water bottles have Wireless speakers with High Definition Bluetooth® 4.0 Technology, 300 mAh battery with up to 90 minute play time!  Your laser engraved logo on these sleek bottles will encourage your employees to think of you the next time they hydrate! Though speaker and water bottles may seem like an odd couple, it will make a stupendous combo for sure!

17 Oz Stainless Steel Rumble Bottle with Speakers

Tech items are always useful.  Wireless Chargers will keep their gadgets powered up without the mess and fuss of tangled charging cables. This is a highly practical gift for employees and clients to thank them for their support during this uncertain time.

Printed Catena Wireless Charging Phone Stands

Moleskine Ruled Large Journal: Sleek and stylish,  journals will earn a prime spot on every work desk. Choose a color that matches your brand color to make it more interesting. Your message and motivational taglines on these will inspire the team to go that extra mile. The big plus- these elegant corporate gifts will get a lot of eyeballs even beyond work hours as they attend client meetings, tradeshows or business events.

Moleskine Cahier Ruled Extra Large Journals

Beach mats: All work and no play will indeed make jack a dull boy! Handout these custom printed beach mats that are just right for a day out on the beach. These vibrantly colored  sand resistant mats with inflatable pillow and a carry case  will enhance the holiday experience and earn a lot of attention from everyone on the sandy shores.

Printed Beach Mats

Water proof  dry bags: Beach holidays, cruise fun or angling holidays- no matter how your team plans to divide their leisure time this weekend, these water resistant dry bags will make a great gift choice. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a high visibility billboard in the open as they pursue their favorite fun activities. It will make a smart gift choice to get people talk about your message without you having to adopt a nagging marketing pitch.

Waterproof Floating Polyester Dry Bags

Choose custom gifts that strike a fine balance between personal safety, happiness and work life balance alike. Nervous employees are hard to deal with; so make sure to put your team at ease in these difficult times with your simple gesture of handing out gifts that help them navigate the new normal.

Browse our complete line of personal care items and Covid- 9 awareness items that will help your team to make a smooth transition.