Top 6 Items For Your Marathon Swag Bag

Are you hosting a marathon or planning to sponsor a community marathon? Whether it is a charity run or a real marathon with sponsors, vendors and volunteers, what you need to have is custom gifts that will get your logo and message out and across the marathon trails and even beyond!


The runners cover over 26 miles, so ideally the branded items that you hand pick for them should be of high utility and not just souvenirs. Useful items get used more often and your brand imprinted on these will make consistent brand impressions. Afterall , is that not the basic objective of every promotional campaign?

#1: Drawstring Bags

Lightweight and easy to wear and access, drawstring bags are perfect for runners. Spacious enough for all the essentials that the runners need to carry and vibrantly colored and fashionable, drawstring bags have all the traits of a populist bag. Choose from a range of handy models like those with headphone ports etc that will encourage the recipients to use it again after the run during weekend trips, gym or camping.

Oriole Drawstring Cinch Backpacks

#2: Cooling towels

On a scalding hot summer day, every marathon runner will cherish the idea of getting these cooling towels for free. Just wet it, wring it and wear it to feel super chilled and comfortable even when the runners are sweating profusely. Offered in various vivid colors, these towels will make a rolling billboard for your message on the tracks and beyond.  Your recipients will love to carry these during gym session, beach days and practice sessions and your message will continue to get consistent impressions for a long time to come.

Printed Very Kool Cooling Towels

#3: Sunglasses

Sun on the face can cause discomfort for the runners and custom sunglasses will make meaningful gifts. You can handout UV resistant or polarized sunglasses that will reduce eyestrain and protect from UV risks. Sports sunglasses are the way to go! They fit firmly on their face and won’t bounce around as they run.

Metallic Colored Oahu Sunglasses

#4: Water Bottles

Staying hydrated can be a key to success for long distance runners. Flip top lid water bottles are easy to open and spill resistant ; these water bottles are easy to sip from on the move to replenish the water that the runners may lose while running. Even after the marathon event, your recipients will find these logo water bottles useful at work, on weekend errands, and at home.

24 Oz Tritan™ Flip Top Sports Bottles

#5: Pedometers

Marathon runners need to maintain perfect physical fitness and undergo rigorous training and practice sessions regularly. Custom pedometers will let them count their steps at the finish line during a marathon. It also comes handy during their regular fitness schedules and walks. Even the amateur runners who may not be training regularly will be encouraged to be physically active and fit when they have these useful fitness items on hand.

Multifunction Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometers

#6: T-Shirts

Change of cloth is something every runner will look forward to after the marathon. Your logo imprinted T shirt will get a wide display as the camera flashlights go on  like crazy in the finish line. A free t-shirt is always welcome. It is perfect for the summer outdoors, DIY days and picnics or road trips. Choose from a range of latest trends and colors.Your recipients will use it again after the race during road trips, on beach holiday or during a game day and your message remains in plain view of the world outside!

Evergreen Roots73 Men's Short Sleeve Tees

People love freebies and they will be happier if the giveaways are both fashionable and functional. Put as many custom gifts as you wish in your marathon swag bags to make your brand go the distance!