# Wednesday Wow- Free Set Up Custom Products Worth Your Money

You have the best handouts in town and an impressive gift list to boast. Still do you think that your promotional campaign lacked the punch that you expected? A sloppy artwork could be the reason. What completes the look of your custom gifts is the finesse in the artwork set up. Why take a gamble with your personalized gifts when you get artwork set up for free?

Free +

Artwork set up is a different ball game altogether and our experienced product experts will never leave anything to chance. We at ProImprint offer free artwork set up for our clients to take care of this knotty situation. The artwork set up goes a long way in grabbing easy attention and making your handouts popular and even Instagram worthy! It should be placed in a subtle yet visible manner to ensure maximum attention without being an eye sore.

Get started with these free artwork set up products and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Car Vent Air Freshener: Keep the car interiors fresh smelling and welcoming with these trendy and sleek air fresheners that stay snug over the A/c vent. Your brand will get a lot of eyeballs  on these useful items.

Car Vent Air Freshener

Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlights: handout the dual convenience of a keychains plus a flashlight to your clients and customers by handing out these combo items. Choose from a range of popular colors. The perfect artwork  set up will win you tons of applause for sure!

Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlights

42 Inch Arc Custom Budget Telescopic Umbrellas: Umbrellas are probably one of the most useful items in everyone’s lives though these are often overlooked! These polyester umbrellas that fold down to 9” will make a perfect backdrop for your message. Get free artwork set up and make your brand stand out!

42 Inch Arc Custom Budget Telescopic Umbrellas

3×4.5 Post Spiral Notebooks: Junior sized and handy notebooks for making quick notes, doodle or scribble random thoughts! The fold-over polypro cover in various brilliant colors  is the hall mark of these stylish books.

3x4.5 Custom Imprinted Post Spiral Notebooks

Flashlight with Light-Up Pen : Light up the way and their writing with these attractive light up pens with a flashlight and break away neck cord. Great tradeshow handouts and store promotional items. The free artwork set up will let you go that extra mile in grabbing maximum eyeballs.

Flashlight with Light-Up Pen

Hand-Powered Flashlights: No charging points? No problem! This flashlight can be charged by just squeezing the handle. It is of great use during emergencies, power outages, etc. Locking button on the handle; built – in rechargeable batteries. Professional and free artwork set up will ensure a perfect finishing touch to your custom gifts!

Hand-Powered Flashlights

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