Waterproof Custom Gifts – For The Underwater Adventure Lovers

Watch this video on some fabulous water proof custom gifts for brand building  and celebrations! Spring is a perfect time to create memories and unplug the passion for travel and under water adventure. We are not just talking about snorkeling, diving and surfing, but underwater weddings and ocean bottom photo shoot- all in the name of unadulterated fun!

Planning to tie the knot underwater? It is a great way to surprise the guests and to make some steal worthy images that will make you the star of instagram overnight! You can even take a group of wedding guests underwater to offer them an experience of their life time. We have a perfect set of custom gifts that can be personalized with your initials and wedding greetings to make it a perfect wedding favor.

Share your message with custom gifts

Marketers who may be planning to promote their snorkeling and diving activity centers can also employ these highly practical custom gifts as part of their marketing strategy. This intriguing concept is perfect to reach out to the thrill seeking audience who may be seeking adventures and to promote your brand in a subtle way without any marketing overtones. Finding custom gifts that work under water is a breeze when you have this exclusive list of logo items from ProImprint in hand. You can even use these custom gifts  in your pool parties if you are not in a mood for snorkeling holidays yet! Check it out right away.

Waterproof Bags That Will Keep The Belongings Dry

Waterproof Tablet Bags: The adventure lovers can now carry all their personal gadgets wherever they go even when they are under water thanks to these waterproof tablet bags. Customize these with your brand and message to make it unique and memorable. Your clients will find it useful for a long time during pool parties, beach events and outdoor trips and your brand on these will get a lot of exposure.

Waterproof Bag: This PVC plastic pouch with a triple zip-close seal and fold-over Velcro closure secures things inside while the adjustable nylon neck lanyard allows the user to carry it around their neck for easy access. This waterproof bag allows user to dial, talk, email or text on their mobile secured within the bag and your brand over it will get a lot of attention even under water! Go for it!

Waterproof Dry Bags: Made of 210T Ripstop polyester, these dry bags have a sturdy PVC backing and a roll top closure with a clip which can be attached to belts or other bags. Your brand and message on these high utility items will get a lot of attention both on and off water!

Rugged Waterproof Kooler Bags: Let your recipients enjoy their favorite beverage fresh and in the desired temperature even when they are in the dark and damp ocean bed. These logo cooler bags will enhance the thrills and spills of underwater adventures for sure and your message will get closer to your audience.

Safety Comes First!

37-Piece Waterproof First Aid Box: Ensure safety for the underwater adventure enthusiasts with these waterproof first aid boxes. These 37 piece first aid kit feature a triangular bandage, gauze pad, twenty-five adhesive bandages, scissors, CPR and more to meet any unforeseen emergencies. Show that you care by handing out these custom gifts.

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