Health And Wellness Custom Items For Summer Promotions

Every change of season is also a time to tackle a lot of health issues. As the summer is in its pinnacle and most people plan for their picnics and beach holidays, make sure that they are not hit by the virus, which thrive in warmer climate by handing out health and wellness products. These will make great team spirit items, corporate gifts and health tradeshow handouts among others. These simple and straight custom items will keep your recipients safe and healthy even when the world outside sneezes and shivers. Your recipients will surely find these thoughtful gifts a great way to stay healthy and stay safe even as the change of seasons set off virus strains.

Health And Wellness Custom Items For Summer Promotions

Health and wellness giveaway items are practical items that your recipients will use daily, which means that they’ll be continually exposed to your business for a long time. Advocate good health and wellness all the while promoting your brand through these promotional giveaways.

Here are some gift ideas that will help you get started.

Hand Sanitizers: The simple act of washing hands can prevent 90% of the instances of getting diseases transmitted. Spread the awareness of staying clean and healthy by handing out these custom hand sanitizers. Choose from various handy models like gels, spray pumps and more. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will ensure a healthy brand campaign. Be it at home, on the beach or on the move, sanitizers will help your recipients to stay germ free even in situations where they do not have easy access of water.

Custom .34 Oz Compact Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Pill Boxes & Pill Holder Keychain: Remind your recipients to take their vitamin pills and stay healthy with these pill holder keychains that will carry your logo wherever they go. Offered in a range of models and colors, these pill boxes are something that everyone will use many times daily. So, imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get.

Custom Printed Pill Box with Bandage Dispensers

Sunscreen: Let your recipients stay UV risk free this summer with these logo sunscreen items. Choose from a range of handy models like lotions, tubes and sticks to match your promotional theme and budget. Put your brand on these highly popular daily use items to ensure your brand the much needed exposure and portability. Most people often exchange their sunscreen bottles, which means that your brand information will reach a wider audience than expected.

1.8 Oz Personalized SPF 30 Sunscreen With Carabiner

Pedometers: Health is indeed wealth; these custom pedometers will keep your brand and message well displayed for a very long time. Every time they set out on a work out session, they will be impressed by the social commitment of your brand and the fact that you care for their well being. Often subtle modes of promotions are more effective than branding campaigns with an obvious sales pitch and annoying pep talks.

Personalized iPod Style Pedometer with Clip

Browse our collection of health and wellness items to choose something that matches your theme and plan a healthy brand building this summer all the while keeping your recipients hale and hearty!

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