UV Light Sanitizing Solution – The Invisible Combat Force Against The Pandemic

From PPE items like masks, gloves and face shields to hand sanitizers, wet wipes and social distancing norms, fighting COVID-19 has indeed seen a lot of ways. These will continue to be the most-discussed elements for a long time considering the fact that each of these will continue to keep the virus from spreading around in public and private spaces.


UV light sanitization is a trending technology  that will help people stay safe from the risks of infection. UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, is an invisible electromagnetic radiation that can eliminate various types of germs. The different types of UV light includes  UVA, UVB, UVC and Vacuum-UV. UVA has the longest wavelengths, with vacuum UV has the shortest.

How does UV light kill viruses?  It can impact the RNA of the virus, making it incapable of replicating or damaging the sheath that surrounds the virus. Reports show that UVC light is capable of killing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on a given surface.

UVC light has been utilized for a long time to disinfect surfaces, especially in areas like businesses, hospitals, and airlines. While we still don’t have clues to show that it can kill COVID-19 virus, it is a proven fact that it is effective against various viruses including those that cause flu.

Though there is a slight safety concern about using UVC light as it can damage skin cells, it will happen only with long-term exposure. UV sanitizers are highly effective in disinfecting smaller items like a phone or car keys to eliminate touch points as a part of a daily routine.  Mobile phones or keys may make a potent infection vector considering its significance in everyone’s daily life.

Recent studies show that by using a wavelength called far-UVC light, up to 99.9% of viruses could potentially be killed. The best part is that these rays can kill viruses without causing any damage to our body cells. This unique feature of these rays makes it safe to use even in crowded areas to limit virus transmission.

There are diverse UV Sanitizer options today. We are featuring UV light phone sanitizer case in this blog post. It is a convenient model to keep phones and other small items like keys or coins germ free. Ideal for retail stores, organizations and health care clinics, this  phone case serves as a mobile cleaning device.

 HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

This tool makes it possible to keep multiple items clean all at the same time. All you need to do is plug in the box, connect it to a power source, put all your items in and close the lid. This will help you sterilize all your items with the UV lights on the bottom and top. In fact, you can even sterilize your items while doing other tasks like working. Customize with your  brand logo and make your brand part of the new normal world life style.

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