Smart Tips For The Q4 Gift Giving Dilemma Of Businesses- Must Read

It is customary for businesses to celebrate Year-end celebrations to commemorate all the good times and successes of the year. Though 2020 had nothing special to celebrate, you  can still hand out custom gifts to your employees and clients to  convey your appreciation for their efforts and support.


As businesses are in the Q4 season of gift giving already, 2020 poses some challenges regarding the Q4 gifts. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to doubt whether  it is indeed the right situation for you to give gifts.  Q4 gifting may be difficult, but it is crucial for you to let your employees and clients know that they’re appreciated.

Gifts to Welcome your Team Back to office!

For  businesses planning to bring back their work force to office  either in full or part  can set up welcome back gift kits. It will make your team feel special  on their first day in office after the hiatus.  Apart from personal care items like facemasks, sanitizers and no touch tools, you can also consider other practical items like pens, coasters, drinkware items, notepads etc that your employees may find highly useful.

Brass No-Touch Protection Tools

Awareness magnets imprinted with safety norms or social distancing policies will make a great addition to the work desks of your  employees.

Printed Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

There are countless delightful ways to go about it.  Gifts in any form will make tangible  ways to express your appreciation and make long term relations. Keep your prospects motivated and optimistic in the days ahead with these thoughtful giveaways. Considering the unusual and uncertain  conditions around, business gifts are indeed more important than ever!

Cross® X Roller Ball Pens

Thank You Gifts

Thank your clients and crew for their support and for being with you in this difficult time with a little gift that says thank you louder than words! Employee recognition and retention will be crucial topics this year.

In the absence of in-person events this year Q4 gift scene will be limited to  custom gift kits drop shipped at the homes of your prospects. So, light weight and compact  gifts will be more appropriate.

Giveaways for the New Normal Workplace

Social distancing and mask mandates in communal work spaces will stay for a long time. Encourage your team to be more health conscious. Custom lunch  bags will make a great option to encourage them to bring homely meals rather than rely on takeaways.

 Budget Lunch Bags

Fruit infusers and water bottles are some of the other custom gift options that can be considered. It will help them stay hydrated and energetic as they shuttle from home to office. Customize these logo items with a thoughtful personal message along with your logo to make it extra special. If your gifts can motivate your prospects to go for that proverbial extra mile, or even make somebody who sees it to react and acknowledge, your objective is realized.

 Synergy Glass Sports Bottles

Browse our complete line of custom gifts for all your Q4 gift needs  and choose a model that matches your needs.